Roadhog Is Getting A "Soft Rework" To Better Suit Overwatch 2’s 5v5 Gameplay

Roadhog Is Getting A "Soft Rework" To Better Suit Overwatch 2’s 5v5 Gameplay

Roadhog is one of the next heroes to get a rework in Overwatch 2, as he's set to receive changes that make him more suitable for the sequel's 5v5 gameplay. It seems that this overhaul will coincide with buffs made to Junker Queen, as Blizzard seems to be focussing much of its attention on the Tank class.

This news comes from Overwatch 2's lead hero designer, Alec Dawson. Speaking after the latest mid-season patch, Dawson says that the so-called "soft rework" will come after additional changes made to Roadhog in mid to late January, suggesting that the devs have big plans for the popular Tank pick.

After the latest patch went live without any Roadhog changes, Dawson took to Twitter to explain that the hook-wielding menace won't stay the way he is forever. "Down the line, he'll get a soft rework that positions him better as a Tank for 5v5," the hero designer confirmed.

According to Dawson, some changes to Roadhog were meant to be implemented in the patch we got on December 15. However, these have now been pushed back to January due to "tech issues".

We don't know what the new Roadhog will look like just yet, but Dawson does say that the devs are nerfing his one-shot ability, so don't expect to be able to bully Mercy mains all match next month. Aside from that, it's not clear how Roadhog could be reworked into a better Tank for 5v5, aside from giving him an ability that helps the entire team, not just himself.

While there are some disappointed fans in the replies, it seems that most will be happy for Roadhog's hook and one-shot combo to be a thing of the past. In fact, many of the replies don't talk about the Roadhog news at all, and are instead protesting the recent Doomfist nerfs. And in fairness, many of us are still confused over that too.

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