Rune Factory 5: SEED Crest Guide

Rune Factory 5: SEED Crest Guide

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SEED crests are a new gameplay mechanic in the series introduced in Rune Factory 5. They are earned through monster capture missions. You can equip them and unequip them like gear, but they don't take up a gear slot. Instead of increasing stats, SEED crests provide passive buffs to the player.

There are ten total SEED crests in the game. All of them are pretty unique in what they do. Knowing which one to equip and when will be a sizable boost to your farming ability. Here are all the SEED crests in Rune Factory 5, what they do, and how to unlock them.

What Are SEED Crests?

SEED crests are equipable items that give passive buffs to the player. Some of them do simple things like increase movement speed or point gain. Others will unlock minor new features like escort missions. At first, you can only equip one SEED crest at a time, but later on, you'll be able to equip two at once.

All SEED crests are locked behind the game's Wanted Monster missions. You will receive a crest for the first time you catch a monster of a given rank, and another for capturing all the monsters in that rank.

Aside from the Beginner's Crest, there are no crests that you can acquire outside of Wanted Monster missions.

One-Star Crests

You actually don't have to capture any monsters at all to receive the first crest, the Beginner's Crest. Livia will give it to you when you join SEED. It will increase your VIT and let you take baths at the inn for free. However, you can't equip it if your Level is 25 or higher.

The Companion Crest is the reward for capturing all one-star Wanted Monsters. While this crest is equipped, you can invite any resident to join your party. Typically, you can only do that if their Friendship Level is 3 or higher.

This is good for the early game. You will gradually build friendship with everyone as you progress, so later on this crest is not as useful.

Two-Star Crests

Capture a two-star Wanted Monster to unlock the Hint Crest. With this crest, certain townsfolk will give you hints on where to find Wanted Monsters. Cecil and Terry are good sources of information. Unfortunately, it's random whether they will give you a hint. It might take a few days of talking.

Clearing all two-star Wanted Monster missions give you the Investigation Crest. This will let you enter peoples' houses after curfew. Rude? Sure, but it's useful for last-minute deliveries. Keep in mind that if you enter a shop, you still won't be able to purchase anything after closing hours.

Three-Star Crests

You will get the Foresight Crest when you capture your first three-star Wanted Monster. This crest lets you find hidden items on your own. Normally, you need a monster or a townsfolk companion to reveal hidden items.

The reward for catching all three-star Wanted Monsters is the Cooperation Crest. Equip this and your friendship gain with following townsfolk will increase. Adding people to your party is a pretty reliable way of increasing your bond with them, so this is a useful one.

When you complete the third rank, you will also unlock an extra slot in your SEED Crests menu. Now you can equip two crests at once, and receive both of their effects.

Four-Star Crests

You'll get the Insurance Crest once you capture a four-star Wanted Monster. Read the terms and conditions carefully on this one. It will cut your clinic fees in half when you're knocked out, which is quite good. The catch is that the effect only happens if a Wanted Monster knocked you out. It does not work if you lose to a story boss or any other enemy.

The Rider Crest is the reward for clearing all four-star missions. This is one of the most useful SEED Crests. It increases your movement speed when riding a monster. It's simple, but since you're often fighting against time in Rune Factory 5, it's a great buff.

Five-Star Crests

When you capture your first five-star Wanted Monster, you'll get the SP Crest. With this crest equipped, you have a chance to receive escort mission requests when talking to people. Escort requests are the same as typical monster-killing requests, except that the requester has to be in your party. You can get a lot of SEED points from these requests, but it isn't worth using one of your two crest slots to do them.

The final crest and reward for capturing all five-star Wanted Monsters is the Patrol Crest. This crest places a multiplier on all your SEED points earned. There is a 1.5 times multiplier on all point gain except from Requests. Completing requests gives a huge 20 times multiplier. This is the best crest in the game by a large margin. Equip it and you'll rarely need SEED points in the future.

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