Sable Is Coming To PlayStation November 29

Sable Is Coming To PlayStation November 29

As promised, Sable is coming to the PlayStation 5. We already knew that from an announcement celebrating Sable’s one-year anniversary, confirming several new features would be coming to the next-gen console. The biggest feature would be DualSense integration to provide the player with haptic feedback whenever they’re powering up Simoon, the desert-crawling hoverbike that plays a central figure in Sable.

We didn’t know when Sable would hit the PS5, but now we do thanks to PlayStation Blog. Circle November 29 on your calendar as that’s when Sable hits the current-gen PlayStation.

For those that didn't dive into the 2021 indie title, Sable is the coming-of-age story of the titular Sable, a young girl that's sent out from her tribe on a rite of passage. The rite tasks her with exploring the world and coming back with a mask that will define her to the tribe for the rest of her life. There's no combat, just Breath of the Wild-inspired exploration as you zoom from place to place on Simoon, the hoverbike that will take you all around Sable's gorgeous desert world.

There will be plenty of NPCs to help, puzzles to solve, and some light platforming as you explore Sable's world to gather clues about an ancient civilization that fell long ago. I'll let you guess just who might have comprised such an ancient civilization that turned the world into a desert wasteland.

"When everything clicks, Sable is a great game," wrote our own Stacey Henley in The Gamer's review. "Once you've got your head around a quest, especially a longer one with a few moving parts, you can get lost in the world climbing buildings, finding secrets, unlocking puzzles, and gathering knick-knacks. Unfortunately, the game leaves you to your own devices far too often, and doesn't present an interesting enough world for you to want to get lost in it."

Although publisher Raw Fury hasn't confirmed this just yet, we do know that the PS5 version of Sable will launch with a new fishing minigame, so it seems likely that the same feature will arrive for PC and Xbox around the same time.

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