Sail Forth: Sandy Shores Walkthrough

Sail Forth: Sandy Shores Walkthrough

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Sail Forth is the perfect game if you want an open-world single-player experience of the deep blue sea. You start as a sailor with a tiny ship, and you can get bigger ships and an entire fleet as you progress in the game. Sandy Shores is the first group of islands that you'll have to explore.

While the game lets you explore a certain group of islands to your heart's content, you have to finish a part of the main story to progress to the next group. There are no quest icons to guide you to this quest, and you have to find it solely through exploration. There are unique aspects attached to every set of islands.

Things You Can Find In Sandy Shores

After the initial cutscene when you start the game, you will get one crew member on a tiny boat. After teaching you the basic controls, the game will leave you to sail freely, but there will be a marker on the compass at the bottom for your next location. This will take you to a sunken ship where you'll find the second crew member.

After talking to them, the marker will change and you'll have to follow it if you want to progress the game. The new location will give you a couple of Vessel Blueprints and a bunch of Wooden Planks. Head back to the crew member with your first plunder and they'll let you make your first ship before joining it.

Once your ship is ready, you can head to the new marker to find another shipwreck where you'll get your first cannon. Use this cannon to shoot at the wooden crate on the rock and break it. This will mark the next location on your map, and your true open-world exploration will begin.

On the second island, you'll most likely have to fight off your first Skull Clan Fort. This will be quite a hard battle since you'll only have one cannon. It might be best to keep your ship in a circular path as you shoot at the strongholds every time you cross them.

After defeating the fort, you can open the locker that will give you a few planks and the way to your next island. You might also find some people who need you to take their picture with a Camera.

Once you get to the third island, you'll find a Shipshape place where you can do everything related to your ship, and you'll also get a Fishing Rod and a Camera from the three people on a separate dock. These people will also take the fishes you catch and the pictures you take in exchange for planks.

After crossing these three islands, you'll start getting randomly generated events on different islands. Here's a list of all the main events you can find in Sandy Shores:




Skull Clan Fort

A small skull above a box

This signifies a fort controlled by the Skull Clan, and you have to defeat all the strongholds in that fort to open the treasury.

Skull Clan Vessel

Ship with a skull on top

These ships can be found anywhere on the island's area, and you have to sail around if you want to get them all.

Skull Clan Shrine

A giant skull

You have to destroy a skull pyramid to get a Light Prism that can be exchanged at the Lighthouse.



These structures are controlled by nocturnal beings so you can only talk to them at night. They will take your Ancient Junk and Light Prism in exchange for Lumenade. You can also mark all the symbols on the island with the Lighthouse.

Race Track

Black and white flag

On the island with this symbol, you can find a ship that will race you. The race will consist of one checkpoint before you can reach the finish line. You can't destroy the ship you're racing since it won't go below one health.

Target Practice

Red Target

You will have to talk to the person at the dock and destroy eight targets in the given amount of time to reap your reward.


An arrow at the bottom right of the item

Once you talk to the person who assigned you the delivery, they'll also mark the island you need to deliver it to. These islands can be quite far, and you have to unlock the way to them.



When you go to these islands, you'll find NPCs who'd like you to take a certain picture. This can either be their picture or a picture of a sea creature at a certain location.

Apart from these, you can also get some random events that can respawn when you come back to the respective island in the future. These events have a chance to give you new crew members, wooden planks, and Ancient Junk.

How To Finish The Main Quest Of Sandy Shores

There are map fragments in the game that highlights most of the islands in a certain group, but they don't reveal the island where the main quest of that part exists. If you get a map fragment and it doesn't add any new information to your World Map, it means that you've found all the islands of that group except the final one.

There will be times when the map fragment doesn't add a new location, but it still adds some new information to your map by marking another event on a certain island. If there's nothing to mark, you'll not see the "New information has been added" pop-up in the bottom right.

When your fragments stop marking new information in Sandy Shores, head over to the northernmost island of the group and start sailing straight north from there. Once you exit the area of that particular island, check your map regularly as you sail forward since this will show any nearby islands.

The map gets zoomed out in all directions as you get farther away from the boundaries of the island you were on. Eventually, you'll stumble upon a new island that will be added to your World Map. This new island will have a big rock with another mysterious rock on top, and the researcher's boat in the water near it.

Talk to the researcher and meet them back at the island where you found your first Lighthouse. You have to find one Ancient Junk and exchange it for Lumenade from the nocturnal being at the Lighthouse to progress the quest. These junks can be acquired while taking a picture for the NPCs or fishing.

After getting a Lumenade, head to the researcher's ship and get the Harpoon Gun. Take the Harpoon Gun back to the island where you found the mysterious rock, and you'll have to fight Marga Underskull's ship here to acquire the rock.

Before heading into this fight, you can try to get one or two more ships in your fleet. You can use the Harpoon Gun to get close to a random ship and board them to add it to your fleet. Marga's ship has over 200 health, and it can be quite hard to defeat with one ship,

Once you get the Deadrock back from Marga, you can head over to the new island that will be in The Green Ruins area. On the first island, you'll find the researcher's ship again where you can share all the information you found.

Tips For Sailing In Sandy Shores

Since Sandy Shores is the first area you'll visit in Sail Forth, the battles in these islands are quite easygoing for the new sailors. Although, you might want to consider doing some specific things for a better experience:

  • It's required to break every Wooden Crate that you see while exploring Sandy Shores. These can give you wooden planks and map fragments that will mark new islands around the place. You can easily get lost without finding these map fragments and come to a dead end.
  • Since you're just starting, it's important to upgrade your ship regularly. Whenever you get a new cannon, mod, or crew member, make sure you check their stats out and see if they're good for the ship. You'll only have one ship to fight in Sandy Shores, so you need to make it strong.
  • It's a common mistake to spend resources on crew members and buying new ships to increase your fleet size. As you explore all the islands, you'll most likely get enough crew members for free as they'll be stuck in certain places. As for new ships, you can get them easily once you get a Harpoon Gun.
  • Fishing and taking nice pictures is the perfect way to earn a ton of wooden planks in the early game, apart from getting a bunch of Pearls. You can sell both of these at the same place, which is marked by the fish symbol on the world map.

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