Samurai Shodown: Free Season Pass, But Only If You Act Now

Samurai Shodown: Free Season Pass, But Only If You Act Now

Samurai Shodown came out this week and it’s been doing pretty well for itself. Given that it’s a title from a series that so few people have heard of, plenty of people seem to be enjoying this skill intensive fighting game. Maybe it’s just a fascination with swords and ponytails? Maybe it’s Maybelline?

Either way, it’s going well for the fans of the game both new and old. What you might not realise though, is that even if you may not ever pick the game up, you should be paying attention just in case you decide you want in at a later date. Things are going down right now that will end soon, so you need to pay attention. 

The Season Pass for Samurai Shodown is free for owners of the game, you might already know that though. Did you know that it’s free even if you don’t own the game? Because it is, which means that even if you can’t afford the main game right now, you can definitely afford the Season Pass. This seems to only be on PS4 at the moment though, sorry Xbox. 

If you click right here then you’ll be taken to the PS Store page and can purchase it right now. This only lasts until June 30th though, so make sure you get on it right away if you don’t want to miss out. 

Samurai Shodown stands apart from the rest of its fighting game competition by being a bit more brutal. 

Not in the way that the moves are gory, Mortal Kombat 11 has that one wrapped up in a bloody bag, but in the way that a single combo can completely destroy your opponent. It’s a lot more about precise timing and reading your opponent and means that a single moment can completely change the match. It’s a bit like an incredibly angry pendulum, a pendulum with a samurai sword. 

It also features a Dojo mode which allows you to create a digital version of yourself for other players to fight against. It’s a bit like someone fighting the idea of you, or you fighting the idea of them. It makes for a really cool system that really changes how AI fights work because they can be so varied. It’s a great way to practice your own skills and improve as you go, one that other fighting games might lack. 

Of course, all of this is only relevant if you actually like fighting games. Though, as picking up the Season Pass will take your mere seconds, it’s worth doing just in case you have a change of heart and a sudden lust for battle. That happens sometimes right? It’s been a bad week, or you dropped your ice cream, stuff like that. 

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