Scarlet Nexus: Every Yuito Route Boss And How To Defeat Them

Scarlet Nexus: Every Yuito Route Boss And How To Defeat Them

The vast majority of video games have campaigns set from a single person’s perspective. It’s easier and cleaner to keep the story linear in that sense. Other games have looked to break free from the mould and be a bit more creative in their story-telling, like Resident Evil or Nier: Automata. Those games require you to play the campaign multiple times to absorb the entirety of the plot.

Developed by Bandai Namco, Scarlet Nexus offers a similar, split campaign. With two main characters, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, you also get two halves of a story. In this guide, we’ll analyze every boss you'll find in Yuito’s story and how to take them down.

Wither Sabbat – Level 1 (Phase 0)

Scarlet Nexus' campaign is broken down into 12 Phases. Each Phase typically contains one major boss fight, but some also have a few mini-bosses sprinkled throughout. While the Wither Sabbat in Phase 0 might veer toward the mini-boss category, it’s the first somewhat difficult enemy you encounter in the game.

The Wither Sabbat is featured at the tail-end of the tutorial, where Yuito must use a combination of his light and heavy attacks, plus his psychokinetic powers to defeat the Other. It’s a straightforward battle that you should be able to easily complete with basic attacking and dodging patterns.

Gunkin Perry – Level 5 (Phase 1)

Similar to other RPGs, Scarlet Nexus utilizes various elemental abilities, which Yuito can essentially borrow from each of his party members. Using elemental abilities can cause lingering status effects on enemies, such as shocking them with electricity.

The Gunkin Perry can be quite intimidating, but once you figure out the strategy it’s quick to go down. By using Yuito’s psychokinetic powers, you can spill the oil canisters on the Other and activate Hanabi’s pyro powers to light the monster on fire. The Gunkin Perry is weak to fire attacks, but the fire will also cause lingering damage.

Naomi Randall – Level 16 (Phase 2)

Although she’s only in the game for a short amount of time, Naomi Randall’s story is a tragic one. The sister of Kasane, Naomi was energetic and full of life. Well, everything changes when she gets shot by a mysterious bullet that transforms her into a giant Other.

Once the initial shock had resided, Yuito and his team have the daunting task of fighting Naomi. After hacking away and dwindling its health a bit, the Other will change shape and cloud the surrounding area in fog. Use Tsugumi’s clairvoyance to see in the fog and continue attacking Naomi. Naomi’s attacks pack quite the punch, so be sure to utilize Gemma’s barrier to withstand her attacks.

Karen Travers – Level 50 (Phase 3)

Sometimes in games, there are battles that you aren’t supposed to win. Karen Travers in Phase 3 is one of those battles. Karen is a top Septentrion commander, arguably the strongest member of the OSF. He possesses numerous abilities, most notably teleportation, electricity, and duplication.

Among the confusion in the aftermath of Naomi changing into an Other, Yuito and his squad are attacked by Karen. The Septentrion says he needs Yuito’s power and the battle commences. At this stage of the game, you’re no match for Karen. It’s best to just succumb to Karen in the fight and keep the story moving.

Whiney Chinery – Level 21 (Phase 4)

It's not just you that can use elemental attacks- Others can too. The Whiney Chinery has a water attack that sprays Yuito from its spout, causing Yuito to become soaked and unable to dodge. The best way to avoid the attack is by using Gemma’s barrier.

Using basic attacks and Yuito’s psychokinesis to throw cars at it is enough to ultimately defeat this Other. There are various oil tankers in the surrounding area that can cause additional damage and also reveal weak spots on the Whiney Chinery.

Kasane Randall – Level 24 (Phase 4)

The plot of Scarlet Nexus certainly thickens once members of the OSF start fighting each other. In this part of the game, Yuito and his team encounter Kasane and her squad, and a major battle between the two erupts. Similar to the fight against Karen, this isn’t a normal boss fight.

When it begins, simply try to survive. Kasane’s attacks are strong, so utilize Yuito’s psychokinetic powers to attack long-range and stay out of Kasane’s reach. She has her own psychokinetic abilities, so be careful with her throwing objects at Yuito.

In the second stage of the fight, Yuito will unlock Brain Field. This ability essentially overloads his psychokinetic powers, increasing their potency and attack power, but drains his health. Eventually, the Brain Field will become too much for Yuito to handle and the battle will conclude on its own.

Gunkin Fisher – Level 26 (Phase 5)

Similar to the Whiney Chinery, the Gunkin Fisher shoots oil at Yuito and his team, which makes you sluggish and slow with the inability to dodge. While the Gunkin Fisher is weak to fire (Hanabi’s pyro ability is key), if you use fire while Yuito is also drenched in oil he can become engulfed in flames as well.

After sustaining certain amounts of damage, the Other will crawl on the walls out of range. Once it stops moving on specific ceiling tiles, use Yuito’s psychokinetic powers to pull the ceiling tarp and deal massive damage to its weak spot.

Kasane Randall – Level 28 (Phase 5)

Kasane is back for round two, and this time she’s with Arashi and Shiden. Arashi can activate high-velocity speed and Shiden can use electrokinesis. Although Kasane is the main boss, taking out Arashi and Shiden first will make the fight a whole lot easier. Plus, Arashi and Shiden’s health bars are lower than Kasane’s, making them easier targets to defeat.

Once you’ve disposed of Arashi and Shiden, focus all of your attacks on Kasane. After dropping her health bar below halfway, she’ll activate her Brain Field. While you can certainly try to attack and deal more damage to Kasane during her Brain Field, it’s smarter to just run around for 40 seconds until the Brain Field is deactivated.

Kyoka And Kagero – Level 29 (Phase 6)

While investigating the mystery of people turning into Others, Yuito and his squad are attacked by Kyoka and Kagero from Kasane’s team. Neither Kyoka nor Nagero has necessarily strong attacks, but rather, annoying ones. Kagero can make himself and Kyoka invisible, so use Tsugumi’s clairvoyance to detect where they are.

Kyoka can duplicate herself and use throwing knives for a long-range attack that can stagger Yuito and break his concentration. Try to use the oil barrels in the surrounding area to drench and slow them down, and use Hanabi’s pyro for extra damage. The battle will end after a certain amount of their health is lost, so you don’t need to completely defeat them to win.

Kasane, Shiden, And Arashi – Level 31 (Phase 6)

This battle is essentially the same Kasane boss fight from Phase 5, except Kasane, Arashi, and Shiden are a tad stronger. Focus on eliminating Arashi and Shiden first again, so you don’t have to worry about their superspeed and electricity attacks. Kasane will use her psychokinesis to throw various objects at you, but Yuito can intercept them with his own psychokinesis and throw them back at her.

Once Kasane’s health is below halfway, she’ll activate her Brain Field again. Just like before, you can try to continue attacking Kasane, but it’s safer to run around until the time has expired and the Brain Field deactivates. Once it’s lowered, continue to use basic attacks and Yuito’s own Brain Field to defeat her.

Nagi Karman – Level 35 (Phase 7)

Yuito finally finds his good friend Nagi Karman, but clearly, there’s something wrong with him. Before Yuito has any time to think about what’s happening, Nagi attacks him and his team. Nagi possesses wind powers and can use them to attack from long range. He can also use them to create a wind cyclone around him, so use Luka’s teleportation to get inside the cone to attack him.

Nagi will also use his wind to cloud the battle area. Use Tsugumi’s clairvoyance to see through the fog and locate Nagi. Once his health drops to around 30 percent, Nagi will activate his Brain Field and unleash a massive tornado. Use the same strategy with Luka’s teleportation to get inside the air stream to attack him. Nagi’s wind attacks are powerful, so be sure to utilize Gemma’s barrier to withstand the damage.

Coil Moil – Level 39 (Phase 8)

On the journey to Togetsu, Yuito and his team encounter a giant ice-encased Other. At first, the ice-covered Other looks daunting, but once you remember that fire melts ice, it’s a cakewalk. Activate Hanabi’s pyro ability to quickly melt the Other’s ice armor. The Coil Moil will shoot water from its spout mouth, limiting Yuito’s dodging skills, so be sure to attack the beast from its side or rear.

After sustaining huge amounts of damage, the Other will use a special attack and slam the ground, causing water to shoot from underneath and circle around it. Activate Luka’s teleportation to get inside the water tube and continue to hack away at the Coil Moil to defeat it.

Nagi Karman – Level 40 (Phase 9)

Yuito’s brainwashed friend is back for another round, but this time, Nagi’s powers have been boosted. With his enhanced wind powers, Nagi deals quite a bit more damage, which means that Yuito will have to depend on Gemma’s barrier to survive. Nagi moves considerably faster this time around also, so knowing how to properly dodge is important.

Overall, the second Nagi boss fight is relatively the same as the first. He’ll cloud the area with his wind powers, but he won’t remain hidden for long once you use Tsugumi’s clairvoyance. Nagi will activate his Brain Field after sustaining a lot of damage, but Luka’s teleportation will allow Yuito to get close enough to Nagi to continue attacking him.

Karen Travers – Level 60 (Phase 9)

Similar to the first encounter with Karen, this battle isn’t one that you necessarily win. Getting him to below half health is the key to “winning” this fight, but it’ll take some effort to do so. Karen dives more into his bag of tricks by summoning ice spikes from the ground in a wide circle. Yuito can dodge away, but the ice will make his footing a bit slippery, so it might be best to use Luka’s teleportation to get away.

Karen will use his own teleportation abilities to lay surprise attacks on Yuito, so be on your toes to dodge away. The Sepentrion will also use his electrokinesis, which can paralyze Yuito and leave him temporarily immobilized. Timing Gemma’s barrier when Karen uses the electrokinesis will be key to surviving the deranged OSF commander.

Court Mort – (Phase 10)

The encounter with Court Mort is unlike any other boss fight in Scarlet Nexus. After narrowly escaping it, Yuito, Kasane, and the rest of their squad come face-to-face with the biggest Other they’ve ever seen. But instead of fighting it directly, they have to worry about the ground collapsing underneath them and falling into oblivion.

Utilize Arashi’s hypervelocity to gain a solid headstart on the crumbling ground. Eventually, the Court Mort will summon its flying Others to try and attack you. The game will shift views to more of a top-down angle, so it’s easier to dodge the incoming Others. Continue to use Arashi’s hypervelocity mixed with Gemma’s barrier to evade and withstand their attacks to successfully make it to the other side.

Dominus Circus – Level 56 (Phase 12)

As you near the end of Scarlet Nexus, the last remaining boss fights become a bit more of boss events, starting with the Dominus Circus. There are actually three phases to this boss fight. During the first phase, the Other will shoot water at Yuito and also surround itself with water. Use Luka’s teleportation to get inside the water cone and attack its weak spot.

After defeating the first Other, the second will appear and utilize physical attacks. It will try to get close to Yuito to attack, but use teleportation to dodge and Gemma’s barrier to withstand incoming damage. The Dominus Circus will fog the other, so use Tsugumi’s clairvoyance to detect the Other.

The third phase of the battle is basically the first two combined. The Dominus Circus will utilize water and physical attacks, while also fogging the area to conceal itself. Combine the strategies and techniques that were needed during the first two phases to ultimately defeat the Other.

Karen Travers – Level 70 (Phase 12)

You’ve finally made it to the final boss fight in Scarlet Nexus. Lo and behold, it’s Karen Travers, and this time, Yuito is finishing the job. Once again, Karen will unleash a new technique that he hadn’t used previously along with his normal teleportation, ice spikes, and electricity. Karen will now duplicate himself, allowing him to not only attack you multiple times but also conceal his true form. Luckily, Tsugumi’s clairvoyance is capable of locating the real Karen, so Yuito can disrupt the duplication and deal some damage.

After Karen’s lost about 70 percent of his health, he’ll activate his Brain Field. Karen is nearly untouchable in his Brain Field, so it’s highly recommended to play extremely defensive and wait for the timer to expire. Once you’ve defeated Karen, he’ll kind of become possessed by three towering statues. The first part of the new battle will have Yuito attacking a disc that he can use to destroy the first statue and expose Karen. Once he’s exposed, attack Karen repeatedly to dwindle his health.

Depending on how much damage you inflict on Karen, there are three or four instances where Yuito will have to use an object to expose Karen. While Yuito is trying to use his psychokinesis, Karen will use a shadow that’s powered by dark energy to stop him. Usually, the other members of Yuito’s squad can hold off Shadow Karen, but be ready in case he breaks containment. Ultimately, the second portion of the battle is a bit easier, so once you finish off Karen, enjoy the conclusion of Yuito’s journey in Scarlet Nexus.

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