Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete Every Seasoned Trial Of The Sea

Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete Every Seasoned Trial Of The Sea

The most difficult of the Trials of the Sea are hard to categorise. With the introduction of Sea of Thieves Season One, players have been rushing to complete the various trials that help them unlock limited time equipment for players with and without the Season Pass. These most difficult Trials of the Sea are marked as Seasoned although two of the three don’t have that moniker.

But although these challenges aren’t very similar, this guide breaks down each trial and its deed and walks through exactly what you need to complete them.

How To Complete The Thrillseeker Trial Of The Sea In Sea Of Thieves

  • Hoard a huge number of chests at once
  • Launch from a cannon and land on another ship

The Thrillseeker Trial rewards players that act like daredevils but in two very different. The first deed asks you to collect a twenty chest on your ship at once. That means you’ll want to take on as many Gold Hoarder Voyages as possible in one session to accrue the necessary twenty chests at one time. Unlike others, this deed needs to be completed in one sitting so you want to make sure you’re prepared for a longer session.

It also means you can’t let your loot be stolen or your ship sink as the counter will reset. Any chests handed in before the deed is complete will also stop counting as well. You need twenty chests somewhere on your ship and one moment. Once you have all the chests on the ship, the deed will be complete.

The second deed wants you to launch yourself from a cannon and land on another ship five times. You don’t need to land on the same ship five times but you will have to successfully fire yourself from your ship onto a different ship five times.

You can climb into an unloaded cannon by looking at the firing end and holding the button prompt, but you cannot aim while inside the cannon so make sure to align the shot before climbing inside. Landing on another ship requires remarkable aim though, so the target is pretty small, and bouncing off the side of the hull doesn’t count. Keep trying when the opportunity presents itself and you’ll probably get this deed completed with practice, but there are a few tricks to help you, and a way to do it much easier.

Learning the trajectory isn’t difficult in Sea of Thieves, but it is hard to point into words. Without any stable landmarks in the game while aiming it can be hard to judge where to aim but soon enough you’ll be feeling the shots pretty accurately.

The difficulty in this task is the ship you’ll land on. For the most part, the ships you’re firing yourself towards will be hostile and moving, but this makes landing on them even more difficult. Skeleton Ships are easier to aim for than player ships because they are more predictable and accommodating during the battle.

If you’re really struggling try and make an alliance with another ship and have the other crew agree to help you out. The community of Sea of Thieves is very welcoming so there’s a good chance they’ll help you out. With another crew arranged, anchor your ships a reasonable distance apart and begin shooting yourself between the ships until you’re landing on each deck with some degree of regularity. Remember that the rolling sea will adjust your aim slightly so went for the right moment to fire and soon enough the deed will be complete.

How To Complete The Life and Soul Trial Of The Sea In Sea Of Thieves

  • Hand in Chests of a Thousand Grogs to the Gold Hoarders
  • Drink with other crews while at any Outpost on a number of separate occasions
  • Defeat skeletons that have been affected by a Grogball
  • Play a shanty with pirates from another crew
  • Throw a bucket of vomit on an enemy pirate holding a sword

The Life and Soul Trial is an evolution of the Party Pirate and Reveller Trials of the Sea and focuses on having fun and drinking grog. The first deed wants you to hand in two Chests of a Thousand Grogs to the Gold Hoarders.

These rare chests make whoever is holding them drunk, complete with the blurring vision and inability to stand still or walk in a straight line. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single reliable way to find one of these chests. Although they are a possible treasure from Gold Hoarder Voyages or for defeating the Kraken, Megalodon, Skeleton Fort, or randomly throughout the game, there is no way to guarantee them in the game.

Keep an eye out for opportunities where they might appear and make sure to defeat any Kraken and Megalodon appears for a better chance to be rewarded with one.

Once you’ve got one on board, you’ll want to head back to one of the Outposts to turn it into the Gold Hoarders. Because your pirate can be a little hard to control when carrying a Chest of a Thousand Grogs, its best to do this with a few crewmates to help you out, especially if any other pirates show up. Once the second is handed in, the deed will be done.

The second deed wants you to drink with other crews while at any Outpost five times. It can be different crews, different Outposts, and different sessions so you can complete this over the course of several sessions whenever the opportunity presents itself (and many other trials involve forming an alliance so you’ll probably get the chance).

Approaching a crew on an outpost can be fairly intimidating as they might turning in their treasures and worried you’re here to steal them. It can be easier to bump into some other players on a different island and forge an alliance there. Its also best to be clear what you want to do, so they won’t be worried when you follow them to the nearest Outpost.

On the Outpost you and at least one other member of the other crew will have to drink grog from their mugs at the same time. Refilling your drink with the same crew on the same Outpost will not count as a second drinking session, but you can leave the Outpost with the crew and return to count it as a second occasion. Once you’ve managed to do that five separate times you will be rewarded with the completed deed.

The third deed wants you to defeat fifty Skeletons affected by the grogball. This is expanding on the Experienced Reveller that wants you to destroy ten Skeletons with a grogball. Once you’ve found a grogball you’ll want to engage in a naval battle with a Skeleton crew and strike it with the Cursed Cannonball. Once affected, pommel the ship with regular cannonballs to try and destroy as many Skeletons as possible.

To destroy fifty, you’ll probably have to do this over several Skeleton Ship Battles given the time limitation of the grogballs and the amount of damage a Skeleton Ship is likely to take before sinking.

For more tips and tricks on how to do this, check out Experienced Trials of the Sea Guide.

The fourth deed wants you to play a sea shanty with another crew. You can play a number of sea shanties with the various instruments you’ll find in your inventory wheel, and all you need to do is find another crew to play with.

If you’re already in an alliance there is a good chance that the other pirates will join in if you play music. If not, approach the other crew with a song in heart and reassure them that you’re here to play music and not attack them. There’s still a reasonable chance they will kill you, but after a few attempts, you’ll be sure to find a more musical crew. Once you’re playing music together the deed will be complete.

The final deed for the Life and Soul Trial wants you to throw five buckets of vomit of enemy pirates holding swords. It doesn’t have to be the same pirate so you can do this over several sessions, although it might be best to try and get it out the way in one fell swoop. You’ll also be at least one part of the way there is you’ve completed the Experienced Reveller Trial.

You can fill your bucket with vomit if you hold your bucket after getting drunk on grog and then store it until you find a willing or unwilling pirate to drench in it. You can’t use an allied pirate for this, but you might still be able to convince another player outside of your crew to help you (and possible return the favour). If that’s the case, make sure they are holding their sword each time you throw vomit over them.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find either an unaware pirate or a hostile one who is actively trying to kill you. The latter is liable to jump around and be a difficult target so make sure you’ve got plenty of health to sustain the attack until the opportunity presents itself. Your bucket can only hold one load of vomit though so you’ll have to get drunk and be sick again between each attempt.

Once you’ve managed to cover another pirate in vomit five times while they’re holding a sword, the deed will complete.

How To Complete The Seasoned Cook Trial Of The Sea In Sea Of Thieves

  • Perfectly cook pieces of Kraken meat
  • Perfectly cook pieces of Megalodon meat
  • Cook pieces of food until burnt
  • Hand in pieces of sea monster meat to The Hunter’s Call
  • Eat pieces of sea monster meat

The Seasoned Cook Trial asks you cook, and eat, the most dangerous food in all the Sea of Thieves. The first two deed wants you to cook ten pieces of Kraken and ten pieces of Megalodon meat. While the deeds don’t necessarily ask you to cook the meat to perfection, you can’t let it burn or leave it (mostly) raw so make sure it’s cooked all the way through.

Cooking Megalodon and Kraken meat takes time, probably because it’s so tough, but it is acquiring the meat that is quite difficult.

The Kraken will only appear when the world events cycle, so if you can’t see anything in the clouds or on the horizon, it means the Kraken is active. And if the Kraken is active and not attacking you, it is attacking another ship.

Since it only attacks out in open water you can improve your odds of encountering the Kraken by just drifting in open waters, especially if a world even has been active for a while and might cycle out. Killing a Kraken will drop around four pieces of Kraken Meat for you to cook up.

Other ways of finding Kraken meat are less reliable. You can sometimes find Kraken meat in the floating barrels found underneath flocks of birds out at sea as well as shipwreck containers. You might also find some in rowboat storage spaces as well, but all of these can be anywhere between raw and burnt, making it a risk as to whether or not you can cook them.

Megalodons are more common and can be found in open waters at any time. Listen for the music that begins as they approach your vessel beneath the waves and look for their fin circling you. Like the Kraken, you can get around four pieces of Megalodon meat for killing them, or try your hand at searching barrels, shipwrecks, and rowboats for spare pieces but they may already be cooked.

Once you’ve cooked ten pieces of Megalodon Meat and ten pieces of Kraken Meat these two deeds will be done. You don’t have to do these all on one session but you should check out the fourth and fifth deed in this trial to complete them as you go with your bounty.

The third deed asks you to burn ten pieces of food, and the easiest way to do that is to collect some bananas and let them burn on your ship hob. It will take a few minutes per fruit but you won’t be wasting any meals and you’ll complete this deed quickly. Once you’ve picked up the last burnt fruit, you should see the deed complete.

The fourth and fifth deeds want you to hand in ten pieces of Monster Meat to the Hunter’s Call, and eat another ten pieces yourself. Monster Meat is either Kraken or Megalodon Meat (for obvious reasons), so you should make sure you’re handing in or eating the Kraken and Megalodon meat you’ve been cooking for the first and second deed as you go. This should mean that you can finish each in time, but you might want to organise your stores so you don’t accidentally eat too many or hand an extra one away.

Once it’s either in the hands of the Hunter’s Call or in your belly, the respective deed should complete.

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