See What It’s Like To Unbox A Nintendo 64 Dev Kit

See What It’s Like To Unbox A Nintendo 64 Dev Kit

In a fun Twitter thread on March 24, YouTuber Shane Luis of Rerez walked his fans through the verification process for a Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Development Kit that he was evaluating for a private games collector. He displayed the differences between the development console and retail consoles and showed off all the additional accessories that came in the original packaging.

The original Nintendo 64 Development Kit was used by game developers to work through software creation and adaptation of games for the N64 system by allowing them to connect their computers to the consoles via special adaptors. They didn’t run normal N64 games; they could only work with the blue N64DD cartridges. They also required extra pieces of hardware and software, not included in the base kits, to function. These kits are extremely rare nowadays, as there were very few ever created; the Disk Drive adaptation for the N64 was only ever released in Japan and had a short, unsuccessful run.

In this 16-Tweet thread, Luis walks through the entire unboxing from start to finish. He shows off what the kit looks like in the box, goes through each part individually (including the packaging), and explains how it differs from the retail release. He also shows off two adaptors, explaining how they would have been used in the development process and showing what they look like assembled on the device. He even shows a document written in Japanese that came with the kit and asks his audience for help translating it.

Luis’s fans were understandably excited to see this thread. Many were thrilled that he would share this “one of a kind” software. User @megashaun commented that it “Must have been surreal to take [the] photos” Luis shared, given how rare a find it is and how excited he was to have the chance to look the kit over. There have been a couple of attempts at translating the document included, which seems to be an instructional sheet for using the machine and a warning about how sensitive it is. Many fans, though, were simply jealous that they hadn’t been able to see it themselves.

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