Sega Releasing The Genesis Mini Worldwide This September

Sega Releasing The Genesis Mini Worldwide This September

Remember when miniconsoles were all the rage? Sega remembers. In 2018, the company announced an intention to get into the same miniconsole market that Nintendo reported insane sales with in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and Sony…also participated in last year. Now, the company has finally announced the details of that in what will, at least in the west, likely be called the Genesis Mini.

Sega revealed the console today on stage in Tokyo at the Sega Fes conference, highlighting that the system will come with over 40 games, including titles like Shining Force and Castlevania Bloodlines, though the American branch of the company hasn’t said if a U.S. release will have a different game list or not. When the console was revealed last year, Sega announced that it would release in 2018 and be spearheaded by AtGames, infamous for the disappointing variations on the same shelf-size Genesis concept already. Sega eventually gave AtGames the boot and retooled the idea internally to come out with this.

The controller will be designed to mimic the six-button Genesis controller and be the same shape and size, while the console itself will have save states just like the other miniconsoles on the market. In Japan, it will come in different bundles for one controller or two controllers, but no U.S. pricing or bundle details have been announced yet. 

The Genesis Mini will release worldwide on September 19. We will update the story when Sega of America confirms their game list.

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