Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Tips For Stealth You Need To Know

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Tips For Stealth You Need To Know

Since the Tomb Raider franchise reboot in 2013, stealthy gameplay became a staple for the new timeline. With Shadow Of The Tomb Raider‘s release, this mechanic only got better, having necessary upgrades like the option to lose enemies (by breaking line of sight) or using a rope to kill enemies while Lara is hiding in a tree.

In case you’re new to this franchise or just need some help to complete the game in hardcore settings, here are some tips for stealth.

Survival Instinct Is Your Best Asset

This gameplay mode was added in Tomb Raider, and since then, it has only got better. Basically, when players activate Lara’s survival instinct, they can see highlighted enemies in different colors. Yellow means Lara can take down that persona without alerting the others, while red means some will see her killing that person.

This isn’t the only thing Survival Instinct will highlight; this mode also makes it easier for players to see places where they can hide or objects Lara can interact with.

Use Your Environment

This game is meant to be played using stealth mode; if you don’t believe this, take a look at all the places you can take cover. From bushes to vegetation walls and even trees, much of the environment will let Lara conceal from enemies to take them down quickly.

When playing, take a look around and see what elements you can use to your advantage. For example, after acquiring the serpent’s skin skill, the player can apply mud as camouflage to allow Lara to blend in more quickly, and enemies will notice her when moving across open spaces.

Finally, be careful with enemies that have thermal vision goggles as they will see you even if you’re hidden, so you’ll have to think better about how you move and use things like walls to hide Lara’s body temperature from this type of enemies.

Lara’s Bow Is The Best Weapon For Playing Stealthy

It doesn’t matter if she crafted it or someone gave it to her; Lara’s bow acts as her primary weapon since the 2013’s series reboot. In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, players get to choose from 9 different bows, each with unique abilities to help Lara in her journey.

When it comes to stealth, using and upgrading the bow is a must. With this weapon, you can take out enemies without giving away your position, silently take out enemies by stringing them up on trees or use special arrows that will turn enemies crazy and make them start shooting at each other.

Invest In Stealthy Skills

Like many games before, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider includes a skill tree system that allows players to customize their gameplay by choosing from three main sections:

  • Seeker skills: These skills affect Lara’s perception; unlocking these skills will let Lara see her environment better.
  • Warrior skills: These skills represent Lara’s physical strength; acquiring them will develop Lara’s athletic capabilities and combat maneuvers.
  • Scavenger skills: With these skills, players can maximize Lara’s stealth ability.

While all of the skills can be useful if you like to focus on stealthy gameplay, use Scavenger skills. For example, you can immediately take down a second enemy with the serpent’s fury skill when doing stealthy takedowns. While scavenger skills are a no brainer, don’t be afraid to meddle in other skill sections, you’ll find something useful there. Like the owl’s vision skill from the seeker section, this one allows Lara to use her Survival Instincts for a longer time.

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