Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Best Eiger Build

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Best Eiger Build

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall is highly praised for many reasons, and one of them is letting you have a consistent party of shadowrunners instead of being limited to just the player character. The teammates in Dragonfall are compelling characters in their own right and being able to take them on every mission with you is a highlight of the game.

Eiger is the team's muscle. She's a powerful Troll with excellent marksmanship – in fact, she's called a Weapons Specialist in the game itself. Dragonfall also lets you customize your teammates to an extent, and as you'd expect, Eiger's customization options all revolve around damage.

Eiger's Best Skills

All of your party members will level up after every two shadowruns you complete, increasing their stats automatically. Every time they level up, you'll get to pick one of two skills for them to acquire.

Eiger's skill choices are largely geared towards improving her skills with her Rifle or with her Shotgun, but there are some exceptions. The table below lists every upgrade Eiger can get.

UpgradeChoice AChoice B
1Steady Shot: A Rifle ability that has +35% accuracy. Costs 2 AP and has a 3-turn CD.Scatter Shot: Shotgun ability that unbalances the target for the rest of the turn. Costs 1 AP and has a 2-turn CD.
2Frag Grenade: Eiger now brings a Cavalier Frag Grenade to missions instead of a Fichetti Frag Grenade. It does more damage.Flashbang Grenade: Eiger now brings a Knight Errant Flashbang to missions in addition to her regular loadout. Flashbangs do AP damage.
3Interdiction Shot: A Rifle ability that ignores armor completely. Costs 2 AP and has a 5-turn CD.Dragon's Breath Round: Shotgun ability that sets targets on fire. Strips 1 armor and deals ongoing damage. Costs 1 AP and has a 3-turn CD.
4Custom Sniper Rifle: Eiger gets a Sniper Rifle in addition to her regular Rifle. It has 20 DMG, an ammo capacity of 6, and pierces 2 armor.Cyberware – Wired Reflexes: Passively adds 1 movement and gives Eiger an activated ability that allows her to dodge the first attack against her for 3 turns. Costs 1 AP and has a 4-turn CD.
5Tactical Reload: A 0 AP ability that reloads all of Eiger's guns at once.Snap Fire: A Rifle ability that allows Eiger to target two enemies at once. Costs 1 AP and has a 3-turn CD.

There are three ways to build Eiger – you can make her a sniper, a shotgun specialist, or a mix of the two. Mixing and matching might make her a more versatile unit, but she can be far more effective if you specialize.

Our Recommended Build: Sniper

This build takes Steady Shot, Interdiction Shot, Custom Sniper Rifle, and Snap Fire.

The choice of grenade doesn't really matter, especially as Eiger will prefer to be very far away from the front lines to make sure her Sniper Rifle has good accuracy.

Taking the opposite choices for each skill would make Eiger a perfectly serviceable Shotgun user, but she fills a more powerful niche as a sniper.

Eiger can be incredibly effective as a sniper – the critical hits from her custom Sniper Rifle will do a ton of damage – up to 40 if the enemy has no armor – and her accuracy-boosting skills will be crucial during late-game fights against hordes of enemies.

If you do decide to take Eiger down the sniper path, it would be a good idea to build one of your other party members with skills that improve their ability to flush enemies out of cover. For Glory, this would be her melee attacks, and for Dietrich, his knives.

Eiger's Personal Mission: Should You Get The Voltaic Grenade Or The Steyr AUG-CSL

Once you've gotten to know Eiger very well by speaking to her in between your missions, you can agree to accompany her on a personal mission. At the end of the mission, you'll be able to choose whether you let Eiger kill Yuli or not.

If you manage to solve the quest by forcing Yuli to reveal all he knows – including the location of his stash – Eiger will receive the Steyr AUG-CSL. If Eiger kills him before then, however, Eiger will learn how to make Voltaic Grenades and will instead bring them to missions.

  • The Steyr AUG-CSL is a Rifle with the in-built ability to fire a shot that has the same effect as the Mark Target ability that Deckers use.
  • Voltaic Grenades deal 14 damage and have a larger area of effect than regular grenades, and will also shock enemies, draining their AP.

While Eiger will only bring one to each mission, the Voltaic Grenades are likely the better option even for a sniper build. They are fantastic thanks to their large area of effect and ability to take turns away from entire groups of enemies. The gun's Mark Target ability is simply too easy to come across simply by bringing a Decker along, which you should be doing in the majority of missions.

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