Shiny Pokémon Look A Bit Different In Pokémon Home, But It Isn’t A Bad Thing

Shiny Pokémon Look A Bit Different In Pokémon Home, But It Isn’t A Bad Thing

This past week, Nintendo launched Pokémon Home, a central cloud-based hub for managing players’ Pokémon from across their various Pokémon games. Not only is the application super convenient for turning your many Pokémon collections into one, but it updates the sprites of shiny Pokémon as well.

What seems to be the biggest update is the fact that even the minimized sprites of your shiny Pokémon will now show their shiny colorway. In the past, you’d have to select your shiny Pokémon, at which point their stats would be pulled up and their shiny color would become visible. Now, you can see each shiny sprite when simply glancing over your collection.

The shiny colorway of a few specific Pokés with separate forms have been updated as well. The normal Pokémon, Castform, now has an individual shiny design for each of its weather-based forms, and Minior was given three separate shiny variants that change depending on the Pokémon’s base color. In the past, the rock-flying type only had one shiny colorway.

On top of these changes, the mythical steel-fairy Pokémon, Magearna, received a shiny variant for the first time. This news also reveals that Lillie’s Magearna from the animated show, Pokémon The Series: Sun & Moon, was, in fact, shiny, marking a very rare instance in which a shiny Pokémon appears in the anime.

Along with the updated shiny sprites, the 3D models of many Pokémon have received graphical tweaks or slight color adjustments. In short, Pokémon Home has your Pokémon looking as good as ever, which should please some of the people who were upset with the underwhelming graphics in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Although Pokémon Home may have had a few people scratching their heads when it was first announced, the platform seems to be a great tool to bring all of your Pokémon to one place, even allowing you to transfer your teams from the old school GBA games. So if you want to bring your level 100 Swampert from Pokémon Emerald who had beaten the Elite Four solo 18 different times back in 2005 into Sword and Shield, that’s now a possibility.

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