Shovel Knight Teams Up With Arby’s In Kids Meals

Shovel Knight Teams Up With Arby’s In Kids Meals

Another fast-food giant is teaming up with a popular video game series. Arby’s will partner up with Shovel Knight for a limited-time promotion in its kids’ meals. You can collect seven different launcher tokens representing the different characters in the game. Each token will include a DLC code used either on Switch or Steam.  The promotion will run from now until May 31.

While it’s not yet known exactly what the different codes will unlock, you can speculate it’s something worthwhile. The characters featured on the toys include Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Specter Knight, The Enchantress, Black Knight, King Knight, and the new Plague Knight, who will be known by Arby’s as “Doctor Knight”.

Clever little renaming idea from Arby’s, considering you don’t want to think about a plague when purchasing fast food. Arby’s even released a trailer showing off what the various codes could do in the game and yes, fast food items are going to be incorporated. If that doesn’t make you hungry for some roast beef, nothing will.

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For those who aren’t familiar with the game’s history, Shovel Knight began its life as an indie title. To see it partner up with an iconic brand such as Arby’s is a huge accomplishment for the indie community. Perhaps one-day Stardew Valley will get the same treatment? It did get a board game, so that’s a promising start.

The one thing all fans who are hoping to get their hands on these must be wondering is, will the Abry’s promotion be handled better than the Pokemon Happy  Meals? Hopefully, we see these tokens going to actual customers and not being used to make a profit by scalpers on eBay.

The trend this year so far seems to be more and more video game franchises teaming up with fast-food chains. What makes the Shovel Knight promo so unique is how it adds fun extras to the game. True gamers and fans will no doubt enjoy the DLCs beyond the toy itself.

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