SideQuest Improves App Discovery, Adds Community Features

SideQuest Improves App Discovery, Adds Community Features

Oculus Quest sideloading platform, SideQuest, just got a big update introducing important new features.

Headlining today’s update is a discovery overhaul on the SideQuest website, which sees the home and browse pages merge into one. The combined page will have curated elements like staff picks and new releases along with traditional categories. Take a look at the top of the landing page in the image below.

Speaking of categories, seven new ones are being introduced. They’re mostly genre-relevant, like flying, meditation and multiplayer, but the biggest addition is Early Access. This dedicated section will also allow developers to grant access on an invite-only or user request basis, should they see fit.

Another huge new feature is beta support for PC VR titles via Oculus Link, which could massively expand the types of content we see on SideQuest. SideQuest says to watch this space for new additions to this area.

Elsewhere, SideQuest says this new update introduces an improved mobile browsing experience, new types of profiles for users like Gamer, Streamer and Developer, as well as updates to the side points system, granting users more rewards. Not only that, but the platform is returning to open-source with today’s update, too.

This SideQuest update arrives following yesterday’s controversial news that Facebook will require a Facebook account for first-time Oculus headset sign-ins from October. The news has been met with a lot of negativity online; those that don’t want to use Facebook can keep their Oculus account until 2023, when support will end and some features will be taken away. With the divide in opinion growing, it looks like SideQuest could have an increasingly important role to play in the Oculus Quest ecosystem in the weeks, months and years to come.

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