Simpson’s Hit And Run: The Best Vehicles To Cause Choas With

Simpson’s Hit And Run: The Best Vehicles To Cause Choas With

Licensed games can be something of a mixed bag, but The Simpsons: Hit and Run is easily one of the best, and certainly became a favourite of many people during the 2000s when it was released. Acting as a sort of kid-friendly Grand Theft Auto game, Hit and Run uses a surprisingly tense narrative to guide you in whilst featuring many references to the show for fans to enjoy.

Of course, being a driving game means that it also has a lot of vehicles, all of which are weird and wacky in their own ways.

10 Ferrini – Red

This extremely flashy supercar belongs to Bart (as given to him by Mr. Burns) and is his default mode of transport during level six. Its speed makes it perfect for tearing up the Seaport and performing incredible stunt jumps.

There are other versions that can be unlocked via cheats (such as the black Ferrini driven by Kang and Kodos in level seven), but it's all just cosmetic, so it's easier to just stick with the default version unless you really hate the colour red.

9 Speed Rocket

Otherwise known as the "rocket car," the Speed Rocket is a hidden vehicle in level one and is potentially the fastest vehicle in the game. It's fairly easy to find, you just need to head to Quimby's mansion and it's parked outside.

All that speed does come at a price, however, and that price is its low armour. In fact, slamming into anything at high speed is likely to immediately destroy it, so make sure you can control it before getting too reckless (or hope a wrench pickup is nearby).

8 HoverBike

The HoverBike is extremely fast and very nimble thanks to its small size and rocket thrusters, meaning that some of the narrower shortcuts in the game are much easier to navigate. It looks incredible too.

The HoverBike is also the most expensive vehicle in the game, costing 1000 coins to purchase from Gil in level seven. Thankfully it's permanently yours once you purchase it, no matter how many times you may end up accidentally crashing it.

7 Cola Truck

There are several intimidating vehicles in video games, and the Cola Truck certainly fits into that category. This jet-black behemoth has two radars and a satellite dish on the cabin roof and two huge exhausts which billow thick smoke as you drive along. The Buzz Cola logos help to finish off the menacing aesthetic.

Its speed is middling but its armour is superb, making it perfect for when you want to cause a bit of mayhem whilst feeling a tad villainous. After all, sometimes it's good to be bad.

6 Zombie Car

This car is easily the most goth vehicle in the game, especially with the two skulls at the end of the exhausts which also act as brake lights. It has to be purchased in level seven from a zombie in the graveyard in order to complete mission two, and it's understandably expensive given just how fast it is.

The Zombie Car is not that strong and can be a bit of a handful at first, but you'll be able to get the hang of it soon enough. And if you order it from a phone booth in any other level, you get your own zombie chauffeur.

5 Knight Boat

Another hidden vehicle, the Knight Boat only exists in level three and is arguably the best of all the hidden vehicles. To find it, you need to head to the Globex ship and hunt around the containers near the front.

The Knight Boat appears in the TV show and is a parody of KITT from Knight Rider, although in the game it can actually drive on land but is useless in water (good old video game logic). Sadly, it doesn't have any gadgets but it does have four rocket boosters.

4 Hover Car

This is Professor Frink's mode of transport and is also one of the coolest vehicles in the game. Not only does it sound incredible (the hum of its motor is pretty eerie), it's also very fast and has a neat feature tied to its speed.

When you're travelling at high speed, the Hover Car starts to become invisible as the cloaking mechanism kicks in. It can be unlocked by completing the bonus mission "Kinky Frinky" in level five, so you don't even need to buy it.

3 Globex Super Villain Car

Looking like the Batmobile that appears in Rocket League, this car boasts a huge engine at the back so it can travel at the ferocious speeds it reaches. It's not all that strong, but its mission-critical status means that it has to be fast above all else.

You see, Bart must purchase the Super Villain Car from Kearney in level six so he can complete the "Set To Kill" mission near the end, where he must destroy all of the laser gun stalls within a pretty strict time limit.

2 Mr. Burns' Limo

This luxurious vehicle is not only tough, but it's also very fast and pretty maneuverable too, making it a fantastic all-rounder for whatever mission you're doing. It's also the only vehicle that has curtains on the inside, making it feel especially fancy.

It's possible to gain this limo in level seven after completing the bonus mission "Flaming Tires," where you must help Smithers gather some items for Mr. Burns. Depending on the level you're playing, Smithers might even appear in the drivers' seat when you order it from a phone booth.

1 Open Wheel Race Car

This racing car is the pinnacle of speed in Hit and Run and is also fairly easy to drive even when going fast because it handles so well, as one would expect from a racing car. This means that you don't really need to worry about its lack of armour.

One cool little detail about this race car is that a miniature version of it can be seen racing around the slot car track during the title screen, although it's impossible to choose it in that mini-game.

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