Skyrim Mod Lets Giants Dropkick You

Skyrim Mod Lets Giants Dropkick You

Skyrim’s Giants used to be good for just one thing: sending Dragonborn into the stratosphere courtesy of their enormous clubs and some wonky physics. But thanks to a brand-new mod, Giants are getting an expansive new repertoire of martial arts moves.

"Smash, Slap – that's vanilla giant," writes stst in the New Creature Animation – Giant mod’s description. "This is a mod adding new attack animations for giants. Now, they finally learn how to master their physical strength. They attack differently when health is low."

In addition to the standard Giant ground pound, the New Giant Animation mod adds quite a few new attacks. There’s the polo club swing, the three-swing combo, the quick-step forward with a wide swing, a rapid three-strike combo, a simple backhand, a backhanded swing with the club, and an overhead wind-up followed by a long-range strike and a front kick. But perhaps the most terrifying new move is the dropkick, which sends the giant hurtling at the player with two feet forward.

The mod requires two additional mods to get working, including the Dynamic Animation Replacer mod and the Animation Motion Revolution mod. These both essentially allow highly customizable animations to be added to Skyrim, which was never initially designed to have a character model move in such strange and intricate ways. You’ll note that the player character in the trailer above is getting knocked down a lot and can perform parrying animations, which are both possible courtesy of these two mods.

Head on over to Nexus Mods to make Skyrim’s giants all the more terrifying. Note that New Creature Animation – Giant comes in both faster animation and regular speed varieties, so be sure to get the one that’s right for you!

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