Someone Has Remade The Super Mario Movie Trailer With N64 Graphics

Someone Has Remade The Super Mario Movie Trailer With N64 Graphics

The Super Mario Bros. movie might be the best that the Mushroom Kingdom, its inhabitants, and its invaders have ever looked, but there's a certain charm to that janky old N64 aesthetic, so of course, one fan has demade the entire trailer in its style.

It doesn't just reuse older models, either, as Peach has her new fighting gear, we get to see Rainbow Road, the colosseum with Donkey Kong, and even a couple of the other castles (thanks, NintendoLife). There are some nostalgic N64 goodies in there, though, like the old Super Mario 64 castle where we spent hours exploring and jumping into paintings just to get booted off a cliff by anger bob-ombs.

"Here is the long awaited Mario Movie Trailer," King Bob Gaming wrote in the description. "But remade using N64 graphics! Earlier this month, I made a partial version of the trailer, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in a full version. I challenged you all to get the first part to 10K likes, and you've more than delivered! Thank you!"

The only downside to this demake is that, with sharper edges, Donkey Kong's hyped up cake has been nerfed. Illumination was pretty generous with its own take on Mario's first-ever villain.

The Super Mario movie doesn't release until April 7, 2023, so there's plenty of time to go back and try the classics for the first time (or the tenth). Super Mario 64 even comes with Nintendo Switch Online. Otherwise, you can fork out for Odyssey, Sunshine, and Galaxy on the Switch, or you could dig around your attic (basement, closet, or even under the floorboards – wherever you store old stuff) and find a Wii to play the best of the bunch, Galaxy 2.

And if you fancy prepping for the movie, it does feature Mario Kart and Rainbow Road, so it might be worth going back and playing some of the old racers, one of which – 7 – has just been updated for the first time in ten years.

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