Someone Modded Link Into MultiVersus

Someone Modded Link Into MultiVersus

Someone has already modded The Legend of Zelda's Link into MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is currently in the middle of its early access open beta period, but that hasn't stopped modders from already getting some work done and adding requested characters into the game. Not only are we seeing rumoured characters like Rick get their whole moveset and stage added to the game, but now we're also getting character swaps, like a recent mod that changes Wonder Woman into Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Modder junior3DM shared a video on their Twitter account showing Link in place of Wonder Woman, before revealing that an early access version of the mod was available to download. It does exactly what you imagine it would do and swaps Wonder Woman's model with Link's, who looks to be using his Ocarina of Time design.

Although model swaps are a fairly common occurrence for any new game, this one actually makes quite a bit of sense, as Wonder Woman's moveset is a pretty good match for Link. Not only is she one of the few characters on the roster to wield a sword, but a lot of her moveset relies on using a shield and protecting her co-op partner, something that Link suits quite well with his own sword and shield.

Regarding the mod, which can be found on GameBanana, junior3DM said, "This mod is NOT in any way finished. I just decided to finally have something release and for people to play with". Interestingly, junior3DM also revealed that they planned on Link having his champion outfit from Breath of the Wild, but that it caused too many visual issues.

As impressive as it is seeing Link added into MultiVersus so early, this isn't actually the first mod for the game. Back when the game was in its closed alpha testing stage, the same modder who added Link to the game, junior3DM, was able to mod Goku, Minecraft's Steve, and Rayman into the game, albeit with mods that haven't yet been released publicly.

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