Someone Sus Made Among Us In Unreal Engine With Realistic Graphics

Someone Sus Made Among Us In Unreal Engine With Realistic Graphics

Among Us has plans. Big plans. Plans for new tasks, for more colorblind support, and for more tools to tackle cheaters. But Among Us 2 is not in the cards, according to developer InnerSloth. Instead, they’re going to focus on expanding Among Us to be the best game that it can be with a bunch of free updates.

On the one hand, that’s great news for Among Us fans who have already settled into the game. On the other hand, that kinda sucks. Among Us isn’t exactly the most technically advanced multiplayer game in existence, and it could really use an engine upgrade.

YouTuber and indie game developer Fat Dino agrees with this sentiment. That’s why he remade Among Us in Unreal Engine 4 in much the same way he did Fall Guys and Flappy Bird.

The benefits are immediately obvious; Unreal Engine has some fantastic rendering capabilities, providing realistic lighting, shadows, and textures. It’s also fully 3D, making it a little harder for low-end computers and mobile devices to play, but the benefits certainly appear to be worth it.

Fat Dino had some help with this particular task. He made the Among Us crew by Googling some spacesuits and creating his own model, but the space station assets are all downloaded for free from the Unreal store. Fat Dino used those assets to create the Skeld map and then made a bunch of 2D assets in photoshop for the map’s tasks.

Then it was just a matter of replicating the same tasks from the real game and adding multiplayer functionality. Those tasks included the garbage disposal, wires, fueling, uploading data, swiping card, starting the reactor, unlocking the engine manifold, and medbay scans.

The Impostor is able to sabotage the doors and the lights, but not the station’s oxygen supplies or reactors. Vents are traversable with the Impostor able to peek into the room before making their way out, and of course, murdered Crew are turned into lower torsos with a femur sticking out.

Kill animations are sadly not present.

We’re not likely to see this version of Among Us anywhere online since it’s clearly breaking copyrights, but it’s nice to see what the game could be if InnerSloth bothered to pay for an Unreal license

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