Sony Giving Employees A Bonus Worth Seven Months Of Salary This Year

Sony Giving Employees A Bonus Worth Seven Months Of Salary This Year

Reports have surfaced that indicate that Sony is paying its employees a record-breaking bonus.

The bonus, which was reported on by NHK, equates to seven months of paid salary, despite the union demanding 6.9 months worth during Spring negotiations. It’s seemingly unusual for a company to offer higher than what is negotiated, and this is apparently the first time in two decades that Sony has gone this high.

It should come as little surprise to anyone that Sony chose this year to give out the record-breaking bonus. Not only was the launch of the PS5 a massive success that broke records for the company, but it also wasn’t an easy launch, with many gamers all across the world still struggling to find the console at all. It makes sense that Sony would want to award its employees after all of that success and trouble.

In fact, the article carries on to say that the increase in the bonus is actually in line with Sony’s projected earnings for the year, so rather than being a massive show of generosity, it’s more like business as usual. As the company’s earnings get higher, it makes sense that its employees would want more.

Sony is reportedly projected to earn over 10 billion dollars for the financial year, which will come to an end this month. Covid-19’s impact on gaming sales, combined with the launch of a massively-desired console are both very strong reasons why Sony’s earnings are so high.

The PS5 broke the record for launch month unit and dollar sales, despite also having massive stock issues worldwide that still haven’t been resolved. Sony’s success looks like it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as it provides more consoles.

It’s not just Sony’s consoles and business that are doing remarkably well, its games are breaking all sorts of records too. Ghost of Tsushima landed 6.5 million sales, whilst also securing a film deal, whilst Marvel’s Spider-Man hit 20 million sales. The company will also be reportedly closing the PSN stores for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita within the next few months.

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