Sony to reveal new headsets and monitors but still no sign of new State of Play

Sony to reveal new headsets and monitors but still no sign of new State of Play

Whether or not there’s going to be a State of Play next week Sony is definitely planning to reveal new headsets, as they’ve already leaked.

The great mystery of whether Sony will have a second, E3-esque, State of Play this month continues, but one thing seems certain: they do have some new announcements to make next week.

Two separate rumours, about a release date for God Of War: Ragnarök and an update for Gran Turismo 7, already point towards something happening next week; while a third suggests Sony is to announce a new PS5 Pro controller before the end of the month.

None of the rumours say anything about a State of Play but, assuming they’re all true, Sony is going to have a lot of completely separate announcements to make soon, including three new headsets and two new monitors.

Sony often releases gaming headsets for the PlayStation, with the Pulse 3D headset having been available since the launch of the PlayStation 5.

The three new headsets in question are part of the INZONE brand and include the low price wired INZONE H3, the wireless INZONE H7, and the high-end INZONE H9.

That part of the rumour is definitely true as details and images of the headsets have already leaked via the website 91 Mobiles, which makes the original source, of Tom Henderson at Exputer, even more believable.

He claims that the two monitors will also be part of the INZONE brand but will promote ‘exclusive features for PlayStation’, including ‘auto HDR tone mapping and auto genre picture mode’.

One will supposedly be for 4K gaming at 144Hz, and the other for ‘full HD’ gaming at 240Hz. Both will have VRR support and feature low latency displays of 1ms GtG (grey to grey – how long it takes a pixel to change between two colours).

Both monitors will also apparently include optional displays for the frame rate and other in-game elements, including special brightness/contrast controls to see enemies in the dark.

Although Henderson himself has predicted that there will be a State of Play next week, he’s made it clear that’s not as a result of inside knowledge, but simply the logic that there are so many different Sony announcements pending.

Logic is not always a close bedfellow to the video games industry though and so far Sony has given no hint that another event is imminent, even though issues such as the release date of Ragnarök are pressing.

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