Soul Hackers 2: Achievement/Trophy Guide

Soul Hackers 2: Achievement/Trophy Guide

It's time to get acquainted with Ringo in Soul Hackers 2, a non-human agent of Aion who has been created in order to help save the world. Along the way, you'll make a few new friends, get involved with more than one Devil Summoner group, and recruit plenty of demons.

When it comes to achievements and trophies, you'll mop up many through natural gameplay, but there are a few that you'll have to grind out. We have information on all accolades here, as well as relevant links to any more in-depth guides we have.

Achievement/Trophy List

Soul Hackers 2Obtained all trophies and completed Soul Hackers 2 in its entirety.Unlock all other accolades in order to unlock this.
Soul HackedHacked Arrow's Soul.Story-related and cannot be missed.
Arrow's MemoriesNeutralized the abnormality in the Soul Matrix.Story-related and cannot be missed. We have a full guide on this boss battle here.
A Long FarewellDefeated the threat waiting in the Central Line.Story-related and cannot be missed. We have a full guide on this boss battle here.
Comeback GambitDefeated the threat waiting at Ozaki Hope Towers.Story-related and cannot be missed. We have a full guide on this boss battle here.
Beyond the InfiniteWatched over Ringo and her Teammates' departure.Received for unlocking the standard ending at the end of the game.
Paradise LostWatched over the dawn of a new era for Aion and humanity.You must unlock the true ending in order to obtain this.
Moment of RespiteWent to a Hangout Event.Go to Bar Heidrun to experience a Hangout Event to unlock this. New events can be unlocked in various ways, such as story progression, requests, and Demon Recon.
A Toast to UsWent to over 40 Hangout Events.See above. Do this 40 times to unlock this.
Summoner's PastCompleted one Vision Quest for all teammates.A Vision Quest happens when you defeat the guardian (boss) of a given Soul Matrix floor. Complete at least one for each party member to unlock this.
Past and Present EntwinedCompleted 4F of someone's Soul Matrix.You have to defeat the guardian boss on the 4F of a party member's Soul Matrix to unlock this.
Soul Matrix TranscensionCompleted 5F of someone's Soul Matrix.You have to defeat the guardian boss on the 5F of a party member's Soul Matrix to unlock this.
New Summoner in TownCompleted three or more requests/Aion Directives.You can refer to our complete request and AION Directive guide here.
Legendary SummonerCompleted 85 or more requests/Aion Directives.You can refer to our complete request and AION Directive guide here.
Blade NoviceKnocked down ten or more enemies on the field.While in dungeons, you can attack enemies with your weapon to knock them down before entering battle. Do this ten or more times.
Blade MasterKnocked down 50 or more enemies on the field.See above — do this 50 times to unlock.
Trek NoviceUnlocked four or more portals in dungeons.Portals are pillars of light that act as fast-travel locations in dungeons. This should come through natural gameplay.
Trek MasterUnlocked 70 or more portals in dungeons.There are not enough portals in the mandatory story dungeons to unlock this, so you will only get this by exploring the various level of the Soul Matrix for your party members.
Hanging In There, Team?Talked with demonic allies on recon 15 times.Your demons have a chance of appearing in dungeons and will offer you money, items, or the chance to recruit new demonic allies. Speak to them 15 times or more to unlock this.
Thanks for EverythingTalked with demonic allies on recon 70 times.See above — do this 70 times or more to unlock this.
The Sabbath BeginsPerformed a sabbath.When you strike an enemy's weakness, the demon will 'stack', and at the end of your party's turn, Ringo will perform a Sabbath will all stacked demons. Upon doing this, this accolade will unlock.
WalpurgisnachtPerformed a sabbath with a stack of ten or more.See above.

In order to get a stack of ten or more, you'll need your party members able to stack more than one demon at a time. Raising your Soul Level with characters and progressing through their Soul Matrixes, you'll be able to unlock Summoner Skills that increase the stack count each time a party member hits a weakness.

Ringo's Summoner Skills can be unlocked by speaking to her illusion in the Soul Matrix entrance.

Witch-Queen of DemonsPerformed 100 sabbaths or more.See 'The Sabbath Begins'.
DestroyerDealt over 1,000 damage to an enemy in a single hit.We obtained this by reducing the enemies down to one, then creating a stack of more than five demons so that the higher-level Sabbath was solely focused on one target and dealt more than 1,000 damage.
Superb CommandUsed a Commander Skill.You can unlock Commander Skills via upgrades at COMP Smith in Mansei Realm. Simply use one in battle to unlock this.
Battle-Scarred CommanderUsed all Commander Skills.See above. You'll need to purchase and use all Commander Skills to unlock this, which requires completing some of Tatara's Requests to make all the skills available.
One Fell SwoopDefeated four enemies or more in a single attack.In a battle with four or more enemies, whittle down the HP of all enemies and then use an AoE attack to defeat them all in one attack in order to unlock this.
CalculatedDefeated an enemy via repelled damage.We recommend choosing an enemy that heavily uses elemental attacks and whittle down its HP to a fraction. Ensure you have a party member equipped with a demon that repels that specific element, and keep all of your party members guarding until it targets the party member who can repel.
Element of SurprisePerformed ten or more bonus attacks.When you hit an enemy in a dungeon and cause it to become knocked down, then touch it to start the battle, you have a chance of triggering a Bonus Attack where an ally attacks all enemies at the start of the battle. Do this ten or more times to unlock this.
GiantkillerAchieved victory over a Risky Enemy.Risky enemies are the purple enemies that cannot be knocked down. Successfully defeating a battle initiated via a Risky Enemy encounter will unlock this.
Bounty HunterAchieve victory against a Rare Enemy.Rare enemies are the yellow enemies that try to run away from you. Successfully defeating a battle initiated via a Rare Enemy encounter will unlock this.
Hardcore HackerWon the final battle on HARD difficulty or higher.You don't need to play the entire game on HARD difficulty, you can simply change it to HARD prior to the final battle. Ensure your team is well-prepared.
Artisan's CraftUpgraded a COMP at COMP Smith.Tatara at COMP Smith in Mansei Realm can upgrade the COMPs of all your party members in exchange for items and money. Do this once to unlock this.
Tara's Magnum OpusPerformed 150 or more COMP upgrades at COMP Smith.See above. Complete 150 upgrades to unlock this. This requires completing some of Tatara's requests in order to unlock enough upgrades for this accolade.
Friends in Low PlacesReceived a gift from a demonic ally.Once one of your demons has learned all of their skills via leveling up, they will gift you with a Mistique. Obtaining one will unlock this.
Just Set it with the RestReceived 30 or more gifts from demonic allies.See above. Receive 30 gifts to unlock this.
A Profane PerformancePerformed a Normal fusion.This will unlock after you perform any basic fusion at Goumaden.
A Mythological MarvelPerformed a Special Fusion.Special Fusions can only be performed once certain requirements have been met. The first Special Fusion you will unlock is Kishin Take-Minakata after you defeat it as part of the main story.
A Mitama MasqueradePerformed a Mitama Fusion
Business is BoomingPerformed 30 or more fusions.Perform 30 fusions to unlock this. It does not matter what type of fusions. All types count.
It Had to be YouCreate a Pixie with Megidolaon.You have to fuse two demons to create Pixie, one of which must already have Megidolaon so you can choose for Pixie to inherit it.
Compendium CompletionistFilled the Demon Compendium's registry to 100% completion.Fuse or recruit all types of demons in order to unlock this.
Hedonist-in-TrainingBought all items at all shops and vending machines.In order to fully complete this, there are certain requests that you will have to complete as some requests unlock additional stock in stores. You can refer to our complete request guide here.
The Invisible HandSpent over 2,000,000 yen on shopping, COMP upgrades, fusion, and Compendium costs.This should come easily enough, providing that you keep on top of upgrading your demons and COMPs regularly.
First MealExperienced a meal.Once you progress enough through the storyline, you'll be able to cook and eat meals at the Safe House. Once you consume one meal, this will unlock.
It's Great to Have a Body!Experienced 30 or more different meals.You can purchase meals from vending machines and your party members will also give you various meals. Consume 30 to unlock this.
Brimming with CuriosityChatted with pedestrians in the city 50 times or more.Speak to 50 or more NPCs in any of the city areas to unlock this.

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