Soul Hackers 2: How To Defeat Ash In Subway Line 14

Soul Hackers 2: How To Defeat Ash In Subway Line 14

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While trying to track down Mangetsu in Soul Hackers 2, you'll come across a familiar face for Saizo — Ash. After already facing down one of your new companion's past friends and it not ending well… for them, at least, is this going to be the same story?

Ash comes accompanied by her own demon, Night Lilim and will add another demon to the fray as the fight continues. Here's everything you need to know about tackling this battle, including enemy strengths, weaknesses, and what you can expect from the fight.

Affinities And Weaknesses

AshNight LilimDrake Basilisk

Enemy Movesets


AttackGunfire attack to one party member.
Flame ShotFire attack to one party member.
BlackoutGunfire attack to all party members.
SummonSummons one of her two demons.
AccelerateIncreases Ash's action count by one.
Ashes to AshesSevere Almighty attack to one party member that can increase ailment damage if they are afflicted.

Night Lilim

Bewitching GazeRuin attack to one party member and can inflict Daze.
FrolicRuin attack to all party members that can inflict Daze.

Drake Basilisk

Demonic GazeRuin attack to one party member and can inflict Dread.

Battle Strategy

Prepare your party before heading into this boss battle. You'll want to be able to deal with ailments, so ensure you have a dedicated healer as well as some items as a backup.

Ash will start the battle accompanied by Night Lilim. Once Ash reaches about 75 percent HP, there will be a brief cutscene from her, and then she will begin to use a wider variety of attacks.

First of all, she will use Accelerate to increase her action count, but she'll also start to use Ashes to Ashes. You don't get a pre-warning of when she will use this move, but it only targets one party member, so just be sure to heal them up quickly afterward.

Ash will begin to summon not only Night Lilim back if it's been defeated, but a Drake Basilisk too. Both of her demons are rather annoying as they can inflict varying status ailments, which are then made worse if your afflicted party member is hit by Ashes to Ashes.

On higher difficulties, you'll probably want to hit their weaknesses and take them out, but otherwise, you can largely focus on Ash and just deal any widespread damage that you can to take the adds out. When Ash reaches about 25 percent HP, the battle will end, so as always, if you can afford to focus solely on her, this is the quickest way to navigate this battle.

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