Spider-Man No Way Home Artist Shares Symbiote Suit Idea

Spider-Man No Way Home Artist Shares Symbiote Suit Idea

Marvel has been making comics for so long that when you hear a hero's name, it might conjure a different image for you than it does the next fan. When you hear Hulk, you might think of the MCU's version before he was knocked smart. Or you might think of the even angrier one from the comic books that Thanos kept on a leash. Still hoping to see that manifest on the big screen too, to be honest.

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and doesn't want major plot points ruined ahead of time.

Artists working with Spider-Man, and there are a lot of them across the web-slingers various movies, comic books, and games, have even more looks to work with. In No Way Home, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire returned to the Spider-Verse, and they brought their iconic red and blue suits along with them.

Seeing all three Spider-Men together really highlighted the subtle differences between the designs of their respective suits. Thomas Du Crest was one of the concept artists who helped create Spidey's looks in No Way Home, and they're already dreaming up what sort of thing Tom Holland might be wearing the next time we see him in the MCU.

“While I wait for the greenlight to show the work I did for #spidermannowayhome, here is a small take on what might come next,” Du Crest tweeted. As you can see above, the next Du Crest is hinting at is one where Holland's Spider-Man fuses with a symbiote. The concept for the suit is pretty incredible, and considering the MCU resume Du Crest already has (Endgame, Far From Home, Quantumania) it seems likely that should Marvel and Sony need a symbiote suit, he would be the one they call.

As for the likelihood of a symbiote using Spider-Man as a host in Holland's next movie, that's pretty high. If you didn't sit through No Way Home's credits (first time seeing a Marvel movie?) you'll have missed Venom being snapped back to his own universe before having the chance to meet Spider-Man. However, the last thing you see before the credits resume is a tiny blob of the symbiote left behind on the bar.

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