SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Good Noodle Stars Location Guide

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Good Noodle Stars Location Guide

During the SpongeBob SquarePants series, the titular character is a regular student of Mrs. Puff's Boating School. He generally struggles to pass the boating exam, but he does earn plenty of Good Noodle Stars from the teacher. In SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, the stars make an appearance in the form of a collectible.

Not long after finishing the Halloween Rock Bottom world, you will be able to speak with Mrs. Puff, who will want you to gather five of the stars for her. They're all in the Halloween Rock Bottom world, but other than that, you are given no clues to their locations. You can find that information in this guide.

Good Noodle Star Location One

As soon as you spawn into the Halloween Rock Bottom world at the Bus Stop checkpoint, turn to your right and look up. The first star is on a cliff next to the beginning of the level.

It's easy to jump up there and get it.

Good Noodle Star Location Two

When you get to the Kandyville checkpoint, you might see the Flying Dutchman. Head past him and go right. From there, you may notice two circular platforms and a trampoline.

Use them to get up to the roof of the multi-level structure to which they're attached.

From there, take the path to the left to make your way to and around the house nearby to find the star.

Good Noodle Star Location Three

This star is also within Kandyvile. It's on top of the large pipe that takes you to the snail race. To reach it, you need to get atop the house next to it by either dropping down or using the trampoline nearby.

Either way, once you're there, you must use the floating hook to swing yourself to the top.

Good Noodle Star Location Four

The next one isn't until you reach the Shadow Theater checkpoint. From there, you can immediately see the star sitting atop the theater. However, getting to it takes a bit of effort.

Unless you can find a secret way of doing so, you must drop down to ground level and go over to the escalator that's past the theater. Go up it and then keep following the path forward for a while.

Eventually, you will be in a cave fairly high up. In the area, there is an opening that has a fishing hook.

Swing off this to three more escalators, which you can jump across to reach the star.

Good Noodle Star Location Five

The final star is a bit of a tricky one. After doing a few slides, you get to a battle area that contains a bunch of arrows pointing you in the direction you must go.

So, follow them and bounce on the trampoline up to the next slide. However, don't go left on the slide, even though you're kind of encouraged to do so. Instead, head right and through a short pipe.

Then karate kick all the balloons to make it to the next pipe.

At the end of this one is the star surrounded by jelly.

Give The Good Noodle Stars To Mrs. Puff

Once you've collected them all, you need to bring them back to Mrs. Puff in Bikini Bottom. She will most likely be standing outside the Boating School. When you hand them over, you receive a gold coin in return.

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