Star Citizen’s Legatus Pack Will Cost You $40,000

Star Citizen’s Legatus Pack Will Cost You $40,000

Star Citizen's latest Legatus Pack will set you back $40,000.

If you've ever heard of Star Citizen, it's likely because people have been talking about the ludicrous amounts of money spent on it. Whether it's the $400 million that it's raised towards its development over the years or the ridiculously expensive ships that players can buy, it's arguably better known for its long development status and cost than it is the actual game itself.

To take that reputation one step further, Star Citizen is now offering the Legatus 2951 Pack. The price? $40,000. Yikes. This apparently isn't the first time that Star Citizen has offered out a Legatus bundle, as there was one earlier in the year called Legatus 2950. That bundle would set you back $36,000. The first-ever bundle like this was released back in 2018 for $27,000, so the price has steadily been rising over the years.

If you're wondering what's actually in the Legatus bundles that could cause them to be so much money, they tend to contain all of the ships released for Star Citizen up to that point, which is why the price keeps rising as newer Legatus packs are released to keep up with all of the ships that have been added to the game since then.

Don't worry though, you'll only be able to buy the Legatus Bundle if you've already pledged $1,000 to Star Citizen beforehand. The Reddit post reveals that the bundle is found on the "Exclusive Store" as part of the "Chairman's Club". As we've said above, you can only get access to this club if you've pledged $1000 to the game beforehand, so it's not like just anyone has the privilege.

If you want a quick list of things you should spend your money on instead of the Legatus Bundle, we'll be happy to oblige. You could buy a new car, treat your family to a nice meal, buy 100 PS5s and 100 Xbox Series X's, and invest in some stocks whilst you're at it. That'd still leave you with around $20,000 to play with.

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