Star Wars Fans Are Arguing Whether Cal Kestis Is Boring

Star Wars Fans Are Arguing Whether Cal Kestis Is Boring

Just before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor releases in a few months, fans of the series are discussing whether Cal Kestis, the protagonist of Jedi: Fallen Order, is boring.

The debate was started by ResetEra user BossAttack just a few days ago, with BossAttack saying, "Let's settle this. Is the dude boring or actually an interesting new Star Wars character? Poll results will make it official law". As of the time of writing, 1,840 ResetEra users have voted and the results so far are pretty eye-opening. If you're a Cal Kestis stan, it might be time to look away.

At 780 votes, 42.4 percent think that Cal is "boring as fuck", with comments underneath the poll stating that he is "boring by design" and that his backstory does most of the heavy lifting for his character. Some even argue that his name and face are boring and that he "could be replaced with a cardboard box and there'd be no difference". I guess the fact that he's played by the world's hottest man doesn't win many points with this crowd.

On the opposite side of the argument, 28.1 percent of voters (5177 votes overall) think that Cal is "actually very interesting", with some noting that they liked his character arc, the supporting characters that surround him, and that his backstory gives him a leg up over other stereotypical Star Wars heroes. One comment even said, "We stan a poncho king", which made it clear to me that I'd found my people.

Interestingly, the poll's third option (that Cal is "milquetoast"), is the second most voted for with 29.5 percent of the votes and just slightly edging out the "actually very interesting" group with 543 votes overall. That seems to indicate that, although most Star Wars fans seem to think that Cal is boring, a significant portion think that he's somewhere in the middle right now.

It's rare for such a middle-of-the-road opinion to get a larger majority of votes than one of the definitive answers, but it seems to indicate that a good number of Star Wars Jedi players think that Cal has potential and that it's simply not been used yet.

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