Stardew Valley: A Guide to Completing Grandpa’s Evaluation

Stardew Valley: A Guide to Completing Grandpa’s Evaluation

Stardew Valley is home to many supernatural events, so it’s no surprise that the player’s grandpa eventually pays them a visit. Grandpa’s Evaluation is an event that happens the night before the start of year 3. If players pass the test, the candles on Grandpa’s Shrine will all light, and there will be a Statue of Perfection that can be obtained by interacting with the fully lit shrine.

The Statue of Perfection is a unique item that grants the player between two to eight iridium ore each day. The evaluation isn’t hard to pass, especially if the player is aware of the scoring system.

The Scoring System

To light all four candles and get the statue, players will need to accumulate 12 points across a set of five different categories. Keep in mind that Achievement milestones are incredibly hard to reach in just two years, even for veteran players.

Earnings Milestones – 7 Points Total

  • Earn 50,000g
  • Earn 100,000g
  • Earn 200,000g
  • Earn 300,00g
  • Earn 500,0006
  • Earn 1,000,000g

Skills Milestones – 2 Points Total

  • Earn 30 Levels
  • Max Every Skill

Achievements Milestones- 3 Points Total

  • Donate All Items to Museum
  • Catch Every Fish
  • Ship Every Crop in The Game

Friendship Milestone – 4 Points Total

  • Get Married to an eligible NPC and Upgraded Your House Twice
  • Earn Eight Friendship Hearts With Five Villagers
  • Earn Eight Friendship Hearts With ten Villagers
  • Earn five Friendship Hearts With Your Dog or Cat

Story Milestones – 4 Points Total

  • Complete all Community Center Bundles
  • Attend the Community Center Opening Ceremony ( 2 Points)
  • Reach the bottom of the mines and retrieve the Skull Key
  • Donate 60 items to the museum and receive the Rust Key

Requesting a Recount

If you have failed the evaluation already, then it may be hard to figure out how many points you have earned to check; go to the shrine to examine how many candles are lit.

  • One Candle – 0 to 3 points
  • Two Candles – 4 to 7 points
  • Three Candles – 8 to 11 Points

Another easy way to check which points you have earned is by going to your menu and looking at the achievement section to see which milestones have been met. The easiest way to pass the evaluation is to complete the four-story milestones, the lower gold earning milestones, and the working on the friendship milestones.

Most players will easily gain 30 skill points just by going through the mine and farming, which can help round off their total to pass the evaluation. When you think you have met the point requirement, simply take a diamond and place it on the shrine to summon grandpa. This can be done at any time you want, and be prepared until all four candles have been lit.

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