Stardew Valley: Everything To Know About Combat

Stardew Valley: Everything To Know About Combat

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Stardew Valley allows you to tackle your day in any way you choose. Spend your day gathering resources so you can expand your farm, speak with villagers in the town, or conquer the Mines. In addition to farming and socializing, combat is an important skill to have while living your life in the valley.

In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about combat. This will include skills, weapons, and basic combat mechanics that you will use while engaging in combat. First, let's take a look at your combat skill level and how to level it up.

Leveling Up The Combat Skill

You will be able to level up your combat skill, similar to how you level up farming or foraging. There are 10 different levels of combat, which you can find listed below.

In addition to the following rewards, you will also increase your HP by 5 each time you level up, excluding levels 5 and 10, since the rewards involve professions.

Combat LevelRewards
Level 1
  • Sturdy Ring Recipe
  • Bug Steak Recipe
Level 2
  • Life Elixir Recipe
Level 3
  • Roots Platter Recipe
Level 4
  • Warrior Ring Recipe
Level 5
  • Chose between the following two professions:
    • Fighter: All attacks will deal 10% more damage, and you will have +15HP
    • Scout: Your crit. strike chance will increase by 50%
Level 6
  • Slime Egg-Press Recipe
  • Oil of Garlic Recipe
Level 7
  • Ring of Yoba Recipe
  • Thorns Ring Recipe
Level 8
  • Slime Incubator Recipe
  • Explosive Ammo Recipe
Level 9
  • Iridium Band Recipe
  • Squid Ink Ravioli Recipe
Level 10
  • If you chose Fighter at level 5, you will choose between:
    • Brute: Deal 15% more damage
    • Defender: +25HP
  • If you chose Scout at level 5, you will choose between:
    • Acrobat: Cooldown on special moves cut in half
    • Desperado: Crit. strikes are deadlier

To level up, you need to gather experience from slaying monsters. This is pretty simple and can be done with weapons or bombs.

The amount of experience you receive will depend on the size and strength of the monster you have slain. For example, bugs and dust sprites reward you with a small amount of experience, while serpents and tiger slimes reward you with more. This is because the latter two monsters are more dangerous. Chances are, you won't pass out from being attacked by a dust sprite, but it's very likely to pass out from a serpent attack, especially if you have never seen one before.

Leveling Up Quickly

If you are looking to level up quickly, all you need to do is head to the local mines north of Pelican Town, and slay some monsters. As mentioned above, larger and stronger monsters will yield more experience. There are 120 floors to the Mines, so if want to gain experience quickly, stick to the deeper floors.

If you have access to Skull Cavern in the Desert or the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island, these are also great places to gain experience. There are plenty of dangerous monsters around, but be sure to not get too far in over your head. If a few serpents or magma sprites begin to attack, you will pass out before you know it.

You will not be able to see if you have leveled up during the day; instead, you will see the level-up screen after you go to bed at night. The screen will display any rewards you have received, or allow you to pick one of the professions mentioned above.

Basic Combat Mechanics

Now that you know about leveling up, it's time to look at basic combat mechanics. The mechanics of combat are incredibly simple; you can perform basic attacks and alternative attacks.

By pressing Y on Nintendo Switch (left-click on PC), you will perform a basic attack with your weapon of choice. The attack may vary depending on the weapon that you are holding, but we will go over that later.

Pressing B on Nintendo Switch (right-click on PC), you will perform an alternative attack. Some weapons will use a new attack, while other weapons will block. For example, swords will block if you use this move, while daggers let out a quick succession of stabs.

Weapon Types

There are hundreds of weapons available in Stardew Valley, so let's go over the main weapon types below.

Weapon TypeSpeed and RangePrimary AttackAlternative Attack
SwordQuick and Wide AttacksBroad SwingBlocking with the edge of the blade

  • this will negate any damage
DaggerVery Quick and Short-ranged AttacksQuick Stab ForwardStab multiple times in front, while locking the enemy in place
ClubSlow and Wide AttacksBroad SwingSlam the ground in front of you, knocking back all enemies
SlingshotQuick and Long-ranged AttacksFire ammo towards the enemyN/A

Passing Out While Fighting

If your HP drops to zero, you will pass out while fighting. When this happens, you will lose 10 percent of the gold you hold, up to 1,000g. Additionally, random items will go missing from your inventory.

You will be able to retrieve one of the items you have lost by purchasing it back from Marlon, who can be found in the Adventurer's Guild. For more information, be sure to check out our complete guide on the Adventurer's Guild.

Combat Buffs

There are several buffs available to help you fight your way through enemies. Below, you can find all the buffs that will aid with combat, as well as how to obtain them.

Buff NameWhat It DoesHow To Get
Attack BuffIncreases Attack Damage
  • Eating the following:
    • Fried Mushroom (+2)
    • Roots Platter (+3)
    • Magic Rock Candy (+5)
  • Equip the following rings:
    • Iridium Band
    • Ruby Ring
Defense BuffIncreases Defense
  • Eat the following:
    • Autumn's Bounty (+2)
    • Banana Pudding (+1)
    • Crab Cakes (+1)
    • Eggplant Parmesan (+3)
    • Pumpkin Soup (+2)
    • Stuffing (+2)
    • Mango Sticky Rice (+3)
Monster Musk BuffDoubles the number of enemies encountered for 10 minutes
  • Consuming Monster Musk
Oil of Garlic BuffPrevents infested floors from appearing in the Mines and Skull cavern for 10 minutes
  • Consume Oil of Garlic
Squid Ink RavioliImmune to debuffs for 3 minutes
  • Eat Squid Ink Ravioli
Warrior Energy BuffIncreases attack by 10 for 5 seconds
  • Kill an enemy while wearing the Warrior Ring
Yoba's Blessing BuffInvincibility for 5 seconds
  • Being hit by an enemy while wearing the Ring of Yoba

In addition to the buffs mentioned above, you can also gain a speed buff. This will help you move around quicker, and avoid any potentially dangerous monsters. The sources of a speed buff are listed below.

  • Eat the following (each one will increase speed +1)
    • Magic Rock Candy
    • Coffee
    • Triple Shot Espresso
    • Crab Cakes
    • Pepper Popper
    • Spicy Eel
    • Super Meal
  • Kill an enemy while wearing the Savage Ring
    • this will increase speed by 2 for 3 seconds
    • Tips For Combat

      Lastly, let's go over some combat tips. These tips will help you efficiently gather experience and prevent your HP from dropping to zero.

      • Bring plenty of food. You will lose HP and energy while exploring the Mines, Skull Cavern, and the Volcano Dungeon. Be sure to bring food to replenish your HP and energy to avoid passing out.
      • Take your time. If you enter into a floor with tons of monsters, take a step back and think about how to proceed. It's not the best idea to charge into an infested floor, with several monsters swarming you.
      • Use a weapon that you are comfortable with. There are four different types of weapons, so be sure to find one that you are comfortable using. This will make killing monsters smoother since you know how to use the weapon.
      • Visit the Volcano Forge. Here, you can enchant a variety of weapons, allowing you to deal more damage. Once you complete the Community Center and visit Ginger Island, don't forget to pay a visit to the Volcano Forge.
      • Utilize the Spa. This is a building located in the Railroad area, just north of the Carpenter's Shop. You will be able to enter the pool area and relax in the water, which quickly restores HP and energy for free.

      That's all there is to know about combat in Stardew Valley. Get out there and start slaying some slimes!

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