Stardew Valley Fan Recreates Pelican Town In Dreams

Stardew Valley Fan Recreates Pelican Town In Dreams

Media Molecule — the developer behind popular games such as LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway — recently released its latest creation, Dreams. Like many of the studio’s past endeavors, Dreams allows players to channel their inner game developer and build some incredible worlds. And even though Dreams has only been on the market for a short while, players have already done some amazing work. For example, the quaint village from Stardew Valley — Pelican Town — has been recreated using the tools available in Dreams.

A Twitch streamer by the name Tooshi recently tweeted out their masterpiece, and it’s damn impressive. Just about everything from the original is faithfully recreated, down to the very last shrub. The brief video takes viewers on a quick tour of the town, highlighting popular locations such as Stardrop Saloon and Penny’s trailer. The recreation of Pelican Town also features a bunch of NPCs from the game.

Unfortunately, playing the level isn’t as engaging as the original Stardew Valley. Players can simply walk around the world and are unable to interact with much content. Plus, no indoor locations are available. Still, it’s an incredible feat by Tooshi, only made more impressive by the fact that Dreams launched this week.

The general art style of the recreation is decidedly cartoonish — a style that fits the whimsical world of Stardew Valley. If we had to guess, we’d say this isn’t the last time Pelican Town will be remade in Dreams. Who knows? We might even see a version that includes a bunch of playable content, or even a recreation that is hyper-realistic.

Dreams launched today and has already won over fans and critics alike. Players are enthralled with the amount of creative freedom the game offers, and critics are impressed with just how capable it is as a game creation tool. Considering most of Media Molecules titles end up as hits, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

As for Stardew Valley, it was recently announced that two new games are in development that tie into the universe. The creator warned people not to get to excited however, as they want to be able to craft games that come naturally, and not have fans get there hopes up only to be let down.

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