Stray Is Releasing July 19 According To PlayStation Database

Stray Is Releasing July 19 According To PlayStation Database

Stray is coming on July 19. That’s according to PlayStation’s own database that was recently updated to include info on Stray, the upcoming puzzle platformer where you play as a stray cat lost in a city of robots.

The news comes courtesy of PlayStation Game Size, a Twitter account dedicated to monitoring PlayStation’s store database and providing juicy tidbits as they arise. July 19 could just be a placeholder date for Stray, but it would fall in line with previous PlayStation statements on Stray’s release.

Last month, the official PlayStation Twitter account said that Stray would be arriving “this summer.” That’s after being delayed from its original 2021 release to some time later in 2022. Publisher Annapurna Interactive also recently offered its assurances that Stray is on track to release in 2022. The game also recently received a South Korean rating of 12 and up, noting mild drug references and combat against "non-humanoid creatures."

In Stray, you play as a cat abandoned by its family and forced to survive in a city full of robot inhabitants. After befriending a small AI drone, the cat is able to both store items and interact with the robot metropolis as the pair search for the cat’s home.

Although fans are eagerly awaiting Stray thanks to its realistic cat behaviors, let's not forget about this indie title that arms a cuddly squirrel with an uzi.

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