Street Fighter 6’s Dynamic Control Scheme Made Specifically To "Help Button Mashers"

Street Fighter 6’s Dynamic Control Scheme Made Specifically To "Help Button Mashers"

Way back when Street Fighter first arrived on the scene, there just weren’t enough buttons to map all the various moves a character could do, so Capcom had to come up with convoluted combinations of inputs for Ryu to throw a fireball or Guile to sweep the air with his legs. Decades later, controllers have plenty of buttons, allowing Street Fighter to adopt a mode modern control scheme that’s already winning over a lot of non-Street Fighter fans.

Street Fighter 6 will allow purists to continue to use the Classic control scheme that Street Fighter has always had, and modernists will also be able to use Modern Controls to make Street Fighter feel more like Smash Bros. But there’s also a third control scheme that’s aimed squarely at casual and younger gamers. It’s called Dynamic Controls, and they’re going to be a button masher’s dream come true.

Speaking to Game Informer at Capcom HQ, Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama explained how Dynamic Controls came to be. "I wanted to create a system that would reflect the actions the player wanted to take," said Nakayama. "I wanted something useful to happen by just randomly pushing buttons. For example, a character might approach their opponent and strike them, or they might throw a projectile if they're far away from the opponent."

Dynamic Controls essentially give the player an AI helper. The player can still control their movement with the D-pad and perform parries, but the face buttons on your controller get taken over by the AI. Just press any button and your character will perform the appropriate move based on their position and situation.

Producer Shuhei Matsumoto previewed the AI-assisted controls by fighting against Nakayama, who used Modern Controls. Matsumoto just casually tapped random buttons one-handed, causing Luke to launch fireballs or perform combos depending on where Nakayama placed himself. Nakayama went all-out but still lost to Matsumoto's casual tapping.

Dynamic Controls are intended as "easy mode" for new players, so they're only available in Arcade and Versus game modes. Online play requires Classic or Modern Controls. But Dynamic Controls are great to play with a non-Street Fighter or a friend who's never picked up a controller before.

Street Fighter 6 arrives sometime next year.

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