Stride Goes Beyond Mirror's Edge VR In New Trailer, Early Access Soon

Stride Goes Beyond Mirror's Edge VR In New Trailer, Early Access Soon

Joy Way’s Stride is coming to Early Access this month, and a new trailer sees the game go beyond its Mirror’s Edge VR inspirations.

When we first reported on Stride a few months back, we couldn’t ignore how similar the game looked to EA’s Mirror’s Edge series. Not only was the free-running mechanic very similar but the visual design was practically identical. But this week’s new trailer debuts an Endless Mode in which new buildings spawn in the distance, allowing you to free-run to your heart’s content.

There will still be enemies in this mode but, notably, the game’s art style seems to have mixed things up a little, with a new color palette that gives it a bit more of its own identity. Even if it’s still quite similar, it’s good to see the game distinguishing itself from its inspirations a little.

Endless Mode is one of three arcade-style options that will be releasing in short succession starting this month. Also coming is an Arena Mode with waves of enemies to take out and Time Chase Mode to put your skills to the test with. Joy Way hasn’t said which mode will be available first, nor in which order the other two will follow.

After they’re out, though, the developer will double down on finishing the game’s campaign for a full release. For now, Stride is only confirmed for PC VR, but Joy Way also says it will keep us up-to-date about possible Quest and PSVR versions. Fingers crossed those happen.

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