Subnautica: 10 Memes That WIll Leave You Crying Of Laughter

Subnautica: 10 Memes That WIll Leave You Crying Of Laughter

Some games are a haven for incredible memes, and Subnautica is one of them. Between its open-world concept, the various alien creatures you meet, and the overall gameplay, it is the perfect place to find meme-worthy topics. Players have dissected every inch of it and come up with some pretty hilarious sentiments that you can’t help but send to all your friends.

You won’t be able to stop laughing after seeing these as they all strike home with the truth. It shows just how ridiculous the game can be, but it is part of why Subnautica is so popular in the first place.

10 Stalkers And Metal Salvage

Stalkers are known for taking metal salvage, and this meme lays out the feeling exactly. Once they see it, they feel they have no choice but to take it even if you had your eye on it first. It’s not even worth it to fight them for it as they will be ready to tear you to shreds in a heartbeat if you even think about taking it.

9 Ryley Robinson Never Uses The Bathroom

This hilarious meme brings up a great point as you never actually witness Ryley Robinson relieving himself. He is the master of holding it in as he doesn’t go for the duration of the entire game, and must just go after you beat it. It leaves you with something to consider and laugh about the next time you find yourself swimming through the alien-infested waters in Subnautica.

8 Many Seamoths Have Been Destroyed By Reaper Leviathans

Once you create your Seamoth it seems like a great idea to put on your radiation suit and head over to explore the Aurora in one of the scarier biomes. However, you would be mistaken as the Reaper Leviathan will come out of nowhere and rip your Seamoth to shreds.

All you can do is jump out and swim away as fast as you can, while you look on as Spongebob does in this meme and watch the chaos unfold.

7 Silver Ore Is Not As Common As They Say

Some players have no trouble finding silver ore in sandstone outcrops, but others are still struggling to this day. Their reaction when they do acquire it looks something like this in this meme, as they are in utter disbelief of their luck.

It is hard not to laugh and cry at the same time as the struggle continues despite the number of outcroppings you hit. Maybe one day you will hit the jackpot, but for now, all you have is this meme to share in your sorrows.

6 Dehydration Is A Real Problem

Dehydration can be a real problem, as you either have to have bleach or a bladderfish on your person in order to make drinkable water. This meme explains the feeling of dehydration as it feels next to impossible to find a bladderfish when you need it most. You usually end up dying and then finding one the second you spawn which is why so many players can relate to this amazing meme.

5 The Aurora Explosion Takes You Off Guard

If you were lucky enough not to be in the vicinity of the Aurora when it explodes, then you probably had this expression in this meme. It was an unexpected event that catches players off-guard as they are not prepared for such a catastrophe, which is why this is one of the best underwater games. They look on in fear as they question what it means and forget all about the titanium they so desperately needed.

4 Jump Scares Are No Joke

The Sand Shark is just one of the aggressive creatures who will probably jump-scare you in Subnautica, but it shows the true nature of this game. Players often feel like Patrick in this meme with their knife in hand as they realize this isn’t the relaxing game that they thought it was going to be.

They often begin to fear the depths of the ocean and take up other hobbies in the game instead that don’t involve following the story. You can’t help but cry-laugh at this meme as you feel their pain and hilarity through this meme.

3 The Radio Is A Form Of Entertainment

When the game begins to grow stale, players often turn to the radio to provide them with some sort of entertainment during this unique survival game. This meme hits it on the head as players often will go over and tap on the radio hoping it will magically come to life. It often doesn’t but that doesn’t stop them from trying no matter how futile it may be.

2 Cyclops Fragments Are Impossible To Find

If you have actively searched the ocean floor for Cyclops Fragments then you understand just how hard it can be to find them. This meme is beyond accurate in describing the likelihood of finding them to a gran of rice.

Others might even say it’s not small enough and a grain of sand may be more in the ballpark to find the pieces to this underwater vehicle.

1 Drinking Bleach Is Fun

Adding bleach to water may be an actual way to disinfect water, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious to Subnautica players. It really stems from the fact that it needs an entire bottle of bleach to create disinfected water, and players often feel like the woman in this meme when they drink it.

However, if the bleach doesn’t kill you then it means you have a fairly decent chance of survival in Subnautica as no Leviathan can contend with that skill.

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