Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League First Gameplay Footage Shown

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League First Gameplay Footage Shown

Rocksteady has finally unveiled the first gameplay footage of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at The Game Awards 2021.

The gameplay trailer gave us our first look at how Kill the Justice League plays. The team looks to be going up against Brainiac's forces, before going against The Flash in some sort of boss fight.

The game looks a lot different from Rocksteady's other works, with most of the characters wielding firearms as well as melee weapons. Harley Quinn is shown swinging through the air using a grappling hook, whilst King Shark is able to run up walls. Captain Boomerang can run incredibly fast and jump through the air, whilst Deadshot is shown using a jetpack and using various different guns.

As for weapons, King Shark is seen using a gatling gun and eating his enemies, whilst Deadshot is using a sniper rifle and flamethrowers. Captain Boomerang is, as you'd expect, using his boomerangs as weapons, and Harley Quinn is seen using a revolver. The trailer ended by reiterating the release date of 2022.

Up until now, we've had two trailers for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The first of these was a CG trailer back at DC FanDome in 2020, setting up the main plot of the game and introducing the Squad. We then got an in-engine trailer at this year's FanDome, showing off some of the members of the Justice League, but noticeably not showing off gameplay. That's all changed now, however.

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