Super Mario 35: Tips For Getting High Coin Rankings

Super Mario 35: Tips For Getting High Coin Rankings

After earning your first of hopefully many wins in Super Mario 35, you will be entered into the coin rankings leaderboard. Your position on this leaderboard will depend on the highest number of coins you earn in a single match, with players at the top of the leaderboards having around 5000 in just one game. There are a few players with 99999 coins, but those players are doing so via hacks and are promptly being removed by Nintendo. To earn these high numbers of coins in a single game requires a deep understanding of how coin bonuses are calculated and an immense amount of platforming and reflexive talent.

Coins in Super Mario 35 can be used to purchase power-ups during the match, which can make the difference between life and death, especially late in the game. For this reason, you’ve likely made some detours in gameplay to gather up coins in coin caches and know from this that 5000 coins is a lot. This is because earning 5000 coins from pick-ups alone would be outside the realm of what is doable and these top scorers got these high scores almost entirely from post-game coin bonuses.

There are a few different bonuses that you will need to compete with the best: the rank bonus, the chest bonus and – by far the most important – the Small Mario bonus. The size of the rank bonus will depend on how you place in the match. First place will earn 100 coins, second place will earn 90, and the bonus continues to dwindle for worse-placing players, with last place earning just five. The chest bonus is like Super Mario 35’s Free Parking. Players who die on their own will have all of their coins go into the chest and the last one standing will get the entire chest to themselves.

The Small Mario bonus is a bonus that will double your coin count at the end of the match, and it incredibly easy to earn. All you have to do is not purchase any power-ups in the pre-game. You will always have the option to purchase star, mushroom or flower power-ups to start a match with, but if you opt to not purchase any, your coin total will be doubled at the end automatically. Had the top players not gotten this bonus, they wouldn’t even have rankings in the top few thousand, let alone the top few overall, so this bonus can make a huge difference.

When targeting other players, you’re going to want to direct your attacks to players with the most coins. This is because you will steal all of the coins of any player you directly eliminate, so if you eliminate people, especially late in the game when other players have accumulated many coins from their own collecting and eliminations, that single kill can net you over a thousand coins alone after the Small Mario bonus.

As far as coin pick-ups go, you’re going to get the most from killing enemies that other players send your way. This means that you’re going to want to make yourself a target so that opponents send guys your way. By being aggressive with your own targets and cleaning out as many coin caches as you can, you can accumulate a lot of coins in your pocket and make yourself the main target by having the most coins and in turn getting even more coins from even more enemies.

Most importantly, you’re going to need to win the match, as that is what will secure you the chest bonus and the highest possible ranking bonus. Without winning, you likely won’t stand a chance at topping the leaderboards, so keep practicing and take a look at our guide for some tips on how to better your gameplay.

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