Super Mario Fans Aren’t Happy With Luigi’s "Dusty" Wii Render

Super Mario Fans Aren’t Happy With Luigi’s "Dusty" Wii Render

Super Mario fans aren't happy about Luigi's "dusty-ass Wii render" that was recently used for Nintendo's New Year celebration Tweet.

As we enter 2022, developers and publishers like to celebrate by releasing art or screenshots that tease new projects or simply celebrate that we've entered a New Year. Nintendo is one such company that has joined in, but the response to the render they used for Luigi might have it wishing that it didn't bother.

On December 31, just before 2022 started, the Super Mario UK Twitter account posted an image saying, "Happy new year everyone!". The image has "2022" on it, with a Mario render in each of the numbers. That's pretty sweet, right? Well, Nintendo fans don't seem to think so, instantly mocking some of the renders used.

Although Mario gets off lightly by being his uber-detailed render from Super Mario Party, and Peach has her 3D World design, Luigi is left with a render from 2007, presumably from New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. Interestingly, Toad looks like he has a brand new render altogether, leaving many wondering why Luigi has got the short end of the stick.

"Who cares?", some of you might be asking. Well, according to Twitter, quite a few Nintendo fans have noticed the difference in render quality and took to pointing it out. Twitter user DynamoSuperX retweeted it, saying, "not them giving luigi this dusty ass wii render from 2007", earning 5.7k likes in the process.

Meanwhile, Kyle DeNigris Tweeted about the art, pointing out the years that each of the renders was made, saying, "I'm sorry but–". That Tweet took off, with over 16.4k likes in the past few days. It seems like Luigi fans are out for blood.

In all seriousness, this isn't the first time that the rendering issue has arose. Nintendo quite frequently posts images that feature mashups of Mario characters with completely different renders and styles, as well as simply ignoring the fact that it has some shiny images of Luigi from both Super Mario Party and 3D World.

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