Super Meat Boy Forever Will Miss April Release Date

Super Meat Boy Forever Will Miss April Release Date

Super Meat Boy Forever, the runner-based follow-up to Super Meat Boy which has long been in development, will be held back just a little bit longer. Team Meat has announced that the game won’t be making its targeted April release date.

The news comes from a tweet made by the developers today making a somewhat apologetic but mostly explanatory statement about the delay.

We’re almost done, but not quite there yet.

The statement says that could possibly make an April release if they sacrificed their mental and physical health to get it done, but they’re not willing to do that. There’s also some, erm, pointed capitalization on this point about crunching to make the game work. I have no idea to whom they could be referring.

The wait won’t be too long, as the developers state that the game should be fairly soon after April, but no specific timeframe has been given. It’s probably wise to avoid specific timeframes until they’re sure they can release the game in that period. Team Meat acknowledges that delays are never great to deal with, but remark that everyone at PAX was understanding, so obviously the internet will be, too.

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