Super Punch Patrol Brings Its Leathery Goodness To Switch This Month

Super Punch Patrol Brings Its Leathery Goodness To Switch This Month

Remember that awesome looking leather daddy beat-em-up that was shown off last month? It not only has an official name but a release date and it’s coming incredibly soon! Hailing from Hörberg Productions, a Swedish studio responsible for the Gunman Clive series, Super Punch Patrol will be bringing its leathery goodness to the Switch on September 17, 2020.

Going for a measly $4.99, the game puts players in the role of three cops that go renegade in an attempt to clean up the streets of their local city. It’s basically Final Fight if Capcom was appealing to the underground BDSM scene of the ’80s. I’m not sure how well a game about playing as cops will go in this current political climate, but this brawler certainly has a unique visual style that I’m in love with.

Over on Twitter, the dev has explained a few of the systems that will be in play for Super Punch Patrol. This will be a brawler in the more traditional sense, so don’t expect River City Ransom or even Streets of Rage 4. There’s no intricate combos, skill trees, or any of that modern nonsense. You don’t even need to worry about level design since it is mostly basic.

That might sound like a disaster, but the price tag reflects what is on offer. This is a purer, more arcade-like experience that should be fun for a few hours. That almost explains Gunman Clive, if I’m being honest. It should be worth a laugh, even if it doesn’t flip beat-em-ups on their head.

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