Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition Revealed for Echo VR

Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition Revealed for Echo VR

Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR with it’s two multiplayer titles Echo Arena and Echo Combat have been two of the most successful online multiplayer experiences for Oculus Rift, maintaining a solid position in the VR League. The studio has now rolled out a new update – yesterday in fact and not an April Fool’s – called Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition.

Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition is a new gamemode for the Echo Arena portion of Echo VR. Echo Arena is a zero-gravity multiplayer sports experience where teams of players have to score goals by throwing a disc. In Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition, in teams of four players must fight their way to the other side of the Arena and score goals while avoiding oncoming fire.

The studio has paid special attention to balancing between expert players and casual ones. Thanks to the inclusion of guns, those new to the gameplay can stay back and provide defensive cover as they learn the ropes in casual matches. In more competitive games, that same gear makes executing passes and other moves more difficult, requiring proper team tactics.

“This is the culmination of all the hard work we took on when we first entered VR development,” said Ru Weerasuriya CEO of Ready At Dawn in a Medium blog. “We had to force ourselves to think outside the box to find what would sit at the very top of VR immersion and entertainment. We are so thankful for the encouragement every fan out there has shown us. This latest release in Echo VR is as much of an achievement for us as it is for them. From all of us at RAD, ‘it’s Turbo Time!’”

Super Ultra Hyper Turbo Edition of Echo VR is freely available to play now for any Oculus Rift user, players simply have to queue up for a match in the Echo VR lobby.

Ready At Dawn is also working on single-player sequel Lone Echo II having been officially revealed during Oculus Connect 5 last year. It’s due to be released this year although a date has yet to be confirmed, plus which of the new Oculus headsets it’ll support. As soon as details arrive, VRFocus will let you know.

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