Synth Riders’ PlayStation VR Launch Delayed due to ‘Distribution Issue’

Synth Riders’ PlayStation VR Launch Delayed due to ‘Distribution Issue’

PlayStation VR fans of rhythm action videogames were looking forward to Kluge Interactive launching Synth Riders next week as a viable alternative to the ever popular Beat Saber but that arrival has now been cancelled.

In a Reddit post the Synth Riders team revealed it wasn’t anything to do with development, rather unusually blaming a distribution issue. “We are very disappointed, but sadly we have had to delay the launch of Synth Riders for the PlayStation VR. It’s an unavoidable, last-minute issue with the distribution that’s outside of our control,” the statement reads. “We’re grateful for your patience as we work with Sony to resolve this, and we’ll announce a new launch date as soon as that happens.”

No further details were offered regarding what the problem concerns but its not going to be resolved quickly. The studios’ marketing director Pawel Gaida did go onto say: “We are really hoping to be able to launch in up to several weeks. This is not up to us, unfortunately. We are working with Sony on resolving this distribution issue.”

It’ll purely be a digital launch for PlayStation VR with the team adamant both North American and European versions arrive at the same time. When Synth Riders does eventually arrive for PlayStation VR it’ll feature all 55 licensed songs as well as 13 retro-future-inspired worlds to play them in. The four DLC music packs will also be available to buy feature the punk rock Adrenaline pack and Synthwave 2 Essentials featuring Muse, Gunship, and more.

The launch version will come with the four core gameplay modes “Rhythm”, “Force”, “Party”, and “Spin” but the multiplayer will take a little longer. “We will add multiplayer as a free update after the release. It is quite a difficult process to be able to launch a game with cross-play multiplayer but we are committed to getting there. It runs well on OG PS4 already! Our PSVR testers played with folks on Steam and Quest,” Gaida adds.

When a new launch date is confirmed VRFocus will let you know.

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