TAEGO Arrives In PUBG With New Comeback System

TAEGO Arrives In PUBG With New Comeback System

TAEGO arrives with PUBG's 12.2 update today, bringing with it the first new 8×8 map since Miramar. It also brings a brand new self-revive kit, a new Gulag-style return system, new weapons, a new vehicle, and so much more.

First let's take a look at TAEGO, which is defined as "Eastern-themed" in the latest update trailer. It looks to be mostly inspired by rural South Korea, with a few built-up areas surrounded by open fields and dusty paths. Snipers and long-range combat will likely be the norm as players rush towards what few buildings might contain loot.

TAEGO brings with it the all-new Comeback BR System, PUBG's answer to Warzone's Gulag. With Comeback BR, death doesn't immediately mean your game is over. Survivors who die before the first Blue Zone phase ends will see a timer indicating when a brand new battle royale match will start in the Comeback Arena. Everyone who dies will revive here for a smaller-scale match where the objective is to simply survive long enough to make it back into the main game. Survive for the timer indicated and you'll be given chopper transportation back to TAEGO for a second chance at winning the game.

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You keep all the gear and items found in the Comeback Arena when you return to TAEGO so you won't return with empty pockets. Comeback BR only operates on Squad matches, so solo players will still have to cue up for another game.

The long-teased self-revive kit also debuts with TAEGO. Called the Self AED, this item can revive yourself if you get knocked down. Just press F to start using the Self AED, but just be sure you're in cover before you start the process as it cannot be halted once begun.

So long as even one person on the squad has a Self AED, the whole squad will remain in the match until all players with a Self AED are killed.

Previous leaks have already revealed the K2 and MK-12 rifles that arrive with TAEGO as well as the Hyundai Pony Coupe vehicle. There's also a new survivor pass with 50 levels of stuff to unlock as well as the usual QOL improvements and bug fixes. Read all about it in the patch notes here.

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Not a full fighter, but close enough.

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