Tencent’s Mobile Game Has A Colonel Sanders Lootbox You Can Only Get By Buying A KFC Meal

Tencent’s Mobile Game Has A Colonel Sanders Lootbox You Can Only Get By Buying A KFC Meal

Mobile MOBA Arena of Valor has no shortage of heroes and skins, but Taiwanese players now have something new that they can only unlock if they buy a meal at KFC. That’s right, there’s a new Colonel Sanders skin for the hero Ormarr, and it’s only available for people who buy certain combo meals.

Though we can’t translate the official tweet perfectly, it seems like players will have the chance to unlock the skin when they buy a “Golden Sands Rich Chicken Meal” or a “KFC Multi-Person Meal.”


Purchasing the meal providers players with a “virtual treasure card,” which gives them a 40% chance to unlock the skin. Perhaps this isn’t too unusual if you consider contests and happy meal toys to be the same thing as Gacha mechanics, but it feels a little off for a mobile game to use one of its oft-maligned mechanics to influence people to eat fast food.

As for Sanders’ in-game appearance, his physique appears to be significantly beefed up. Perhaps this was done so that he can wield a large drumstick as a weapon.

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The sight of a roided out colonel vanquishing foes with nothing but a cane and some fast food is a sight to behold, though the fact that his drumstick remains in one piece after being swung around at enemies makes you wonder just how long they kept it in the fryer.

The promotion will last until February 24, 2020. If it ends up being a success, don’t be surprised if you see Ronald McDonald swinging around a french fry in the next Dota 2 update.

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