The best video game movies never made – Reader’s Feature

The best video game movies never made – Reader’s Feature

Following the success of Detective Pikachu, a reader suggests the three video game franchises best-suited for turning into a movie.

With Detective Pikachu being hailed as the best video game movie ever – while still being far from a great film – the obvious question is what’s next. As everyone has been quick to point out, Fortnite seems inevitable at this point. Except success doesn’t necessarily mean that. It never happened for Grand Theft Auto or Call Of Duty. Up till now it’s mostly been second tier franchises that have mostly made the jump.

I agree that adapting games that already have a strong story doesn’t usually make sense, as that story is almost always based on another movie. So there’s no point making Uncharted and while a reboot of Resident Evil could work they’re never going to make them proper horror movies. If you’re not going to commit to making your film authentic then it’s guaranteed to flop. That’s what the history of superhero movies should tell you.

Instead, you want a game that has a detailed universe with lots of lore, but isn’t just an unofficial copy of an existing movie. When you turn a game into a film you want it to be something you’ve never seen before. That should be the whole point of making it. With that in mind here are my suggestions.


Most Blizzard games are just walking clichés. There’s zero point adapting Starcraft or Diablo because they’re already a mish-mash of a hundred other books, games, and movies. But Overwatch is much more unique. It has a huge cast of characters that are like a cross between superheroes and fighting game characters. They all have very detailed backgrounds and, importantly for a potential movie, many probably don’t know about them because they’re never mentioned in the game.

The problem with making an Overwatch movie is trying to throw too much in at once. You don’t want 20-odd characters turning up in the first film so they need to keep it to a small group, maybe set before the events of the game. Add more in with each sequel and you’ve got the makings of a proper cinematic universe.


This is already underway, as far as I understand, but while it seems like just cashing in at first I think it makes perfect sense. It’s not really that different from Pokémon really: a massive franchise that everyone, especially kids, knows and a huge world with lots of backstory. Or at least I think there’s backstory, my nephew tried to explain it to me once and I kind of zoned out but there seems to be lots of rules and monsters, with a complicated end game that I knew nothing about until he mentioned it.

There’s also the Telltale games which I haven’t played but seem to have been popular. There were two seasons of them too, so clearly they must’ve found something to hang a story on. It’s the world of Minecraft people will come to see though, so keep it simple – have the lead characters drop into the world and try to survive, then basically play out the survival mode as a movie. It’s got plenty of potential.

League Of Legends

Another franchise that is impossibly popular and yet gets almost completely ignored by mainstream gamers, even though it has a bigger audience than almost every other game today – or ever. A movie would kind of be a cross between Overwatch and Minecraft, in that there’s a clear-cut mythology and gameplay style that can be adapted quite easily into a movie.

It has the same problem as Overwatch, in that there are far too many characters to try and adapt into just one go, so the difficulty here is knowing how to pick your battles and just do enough to make an enjoyable, accessible film and not just endless fan service. Dota 2 would, of course, work just as well instead of League Of Legends, since they’re both based on the same concept, but LoL is more popular.

By reader Danse

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