The Division 2 DOWN: Server Status Maintenance latest for Title Update 5 TODAY

The Division 2 DOWN: Server Status Maintenance latest for Title Update 5 TODAY

The Division 2 Title Update 5 is coming today and because Ubisoft has lined up loads of new content for players it means that unfortunately, they’re going to have to pull the plug on servers.

Yep, sorry, The Division 2 is going down this morning whilst Ubisoft rolls out the require update for Episode 1. D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions.

Just like Tidal Basin, Ubisoft is taking the game offline for three hours, as confirmed by a Tweet sent Monday afternoon:

“Agents, maintenance incoming tomorrow, July 23rd, to deploy Episode 1 and Title Update 5. 05:30 PM ACT / 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT, approximately 3 hours.”

That means the game will be offline in the UK from 8.30am until 11.30am and as expected, Ubisoft has confirmed that Patch Notes will be available during the maintenance.

You can be sure we’ll update you on the patch notes

During this time you may notice you’ll receive a ‘Mike-01’ error message when attempting to play the game. A ‘MIKE’ error message is related to the game not being able to access your profile. Because the game is offline, it obviously will be unable to access your profile.

As with any server outage, it’s worth noting that the server maintenance times are not always correct. Sometimes bugs or problems mean that server maintenance is extended or that a second update is planned to rollback any game breaking changes.

So it goes without saying that you should keep checking the Daily Star or Division 2 official twitter feed for regular updates on the state of the game and latest update.

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