The Forgotten City – How To Get Rid Of The Assassin

The Forgotten City – How To Get Rid Of The Assassin

One of The Forgotten City's earliest roadblocks is the assassin that you'll come up against near the baths, who will kill you if you don't figure out a clever way to take him down.

Luckily, with The Forgotten City's time-travelling mechanics, coming up with a clever way to take down the assassin isn't going to be too difficult at all.

How To Get Rid Of The Assassin In The Forgotten City

The quest attached to getting rid of the assassin is called "Intruder" and you'll run into it the first time you venture past the marketplace and towards the baths. You'll see a woman named Fabia hiding behind a wall, and she'll tell you that an assassin had made his way into the city and is at risk of breaking The Golden Rule by killing someone and sinning.

Talk to Fabia and say that you'll deal with the assassin. She'll tell you to meet her in the temple to her right when you're done, but that temple will fall and collapse on her. You can't save her from this fate the first time around as you'll be distracted by the whispers telling you "no". This is actually your first hint at how to beat this quest, but it's also proof you can't do it the first time around.

After this, walk over to the Roman Baths to find the assassin. You'll engage in dialogue with him where he asks you for the location of Quinctius. You won't know who this is until much later in the game anyway, but you'll certainly not know it when he asks. No matter what you say to the assassin, he's going to end up shooting you with an arrow and breaking The Golden Rule, triggering the golden statues and causing you to need to run to the portal and reset time.

Do that, and you'll appear in another time loop. Go back to where you met Fabia for the first time to see that she's warning you of the assassin all over again. When she says to meet you in the temple, tell her "Do not go in there!", and "Just trust me." to cause her to wait in her bakery instead. This leaves the temple open to collapse on anyone else who might wander in there.

Go talk to the assassin again and you'll find it to be much the same as last time. You still don't know who he's after and can't get that information until you get rid of him, but how can you kill him without breaking The Golden Rule. Well, the temple is the key.

When talking to the assassin this time, say, "Yes. I saw him worshipping in a small round shrine just inside the city. Second building on your left". This will cause the assassin to walk into the temple and be crushed. This won't break The Golden Rule as it was an accident, as seen earlier with Fabia.

You can then loot the assassin to find a bounty note telling him to kill Quinctius, a wooden bow which you'll need for another quest, and some arrows. You can then talk to Fabia outside her bakery, but don't admit to knowing that the temple was going to fall or else you'll invoke The Golden Rule.

How To Unlock The Callous Achievement

This questline can also unlock the "Callous" achievement. When talking to Fabia, tell her "How is this my problem?" and then "Just callous. Good luck!" to cause her to run into the temple and have it collapse on her. This will earn you the achievement, although you'll need to time warp again to free the temple up to crush the assassin.

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