The Last Of Us Premiere Has Easter Egg For Joel’s Favourite Movie In The Games

The Last Of Us Premiere Has Easter Egg For Joel’s Favourite Movie In The Games

After a week of incredible reviews, HBO's The Last Of Us finally premiered on Sunday. Introducing the story to a whole new group of fans while those who love the games relived Part 1's opening. As expected, a lot of it was very familiar, including an easter egg about Joel's favorite movie.

Be warned if you haven't watched episode one, or you haven't played the games, mild spoilers lie ahead. The show begins with the same sequence as the first Last Of Us game, 20 years before the virus first takes hold. The first character you meet is Sarah. In the show, while preparing to celebrate Joel's birthday, she grabs a copy of his favorite movie, Curtis and Viper 2.

The fictional film wasn't one thought up for the show. It's one that has existed in The Last Of Us universe for a while. As highlighted by Naughty Dog Central, Curtis and Viper 2 gets a mention in The Last Of Us Part 2. When trying to reconnect with Joel, Ellie tells Dina she's thinking of inviting him over to watch, you guessed it, Curtis and Viper 2.

Ellie mentioning it in passing wasn't the only time Curtis and Viper got some love in the games. Lucky for Joel, the Curtis and Viper franchise didn't stop at just two movies. There are at least four. Also pointed to by Ellie, she finds a Curtis and Viper 4 poster, acknowledging that she knows they're Joel's favorite movies. Sarah and Joel watching the movie together to kick off HBO's adaptation was a cool easter egg for fans to find, and perhaps evidence there will be a lot more stuff like that throughout the next eight episodes.

The show is officially underway and Last Of Us fans, old and new, have a new episode to look forward to every Sunday for the next two months. Players of the games have already been looking ahead should the show get a season two. Should that happen, fans would like to see Florence Pugh cast in the role of Abby.

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