The Midnight Suns DLC Trickle Might Be Better Than A Full Expansion

The Midnight Suns DLC Trickle Might Be Better Than A Full Expansion

I’m in love with Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It was my favorite game that came out last year and I’ve already finished it twice. I’ve been excited about the four DLC characters ever since they were revealed ahead of launch, but I’m not looking forward to the slow, spread out release schedule. The first DLC pack, called The Good, The Bad, and the Undead, is coming next week, and as expected it features Deadpool – and just Deadpool.

When the DLC was first announced, I was hoping all of the characters would release at once as part of a big, Playstation-style expansion campaign. I wanted a storyline that introduced this new team to the already eclectic Midnight Suns while also providing a nice selection of characters to mix and match with the existing roster. Instead, we’re just going to get one character at a time, spread out through the year.

I don’t really dabble with games. When I decide to play something, I go all in. I like to play games from beginning to end and exhaust all of the available content before moving on to something else. I was hoping for a full expansion so I could fill-up on Midnight Suns once again with tons of new content. By releasing each character one at a time, Firaxis is asking us to continuously come back to Midnight Suns for little bites. But I don’t want four snacks, I want another meal.

Fellow Midnight Suns appreciators don’t seem to share this grievance. When the Deadpool trailer was getting passed around, a lot of people told me they were excited to get back into it because, for one reason or another, they fell off the first time. Midnight Suns was a huge commitment – it took me over 60 hours to finish my first campaign – so it’s not surprising that a lot of people haven’t finished it yet. If the quick release of Deadpool can get people to finish the game before it has a chance to go cold, I think that’s a great thing.

Spreading them out also gives Firaxis four chances to catch new and lapsed players instead of just one. If you’re not a huge Deapool fan, or if you’re preoccupied with other games next week like Dead Space, you might not jump back in just yet. Maybe when Venom comes out you’ll have more time to revisit an older game, or perhaps Storm is your favorite X-Men, and her release finally convinces you to give Midnight Suns a try. There’s something to be said for the way the marketing can put the spotlight on each individual character in a way that the original release could not. It’s a different approach, but I’m starting to see that that might not be a bad thing.

For what it’s worth, The Good, The Bad, and The Undead has a lot more than just Deadpool. When Firaxis said the DLC characters could jump into your campaign no matter where you’re at in the story, I figured they would just show up in the Abbey without explanation. But the first DLC pack will have cutscenes, new missions, a new Abbey upgrade, different enemy types, and even a new villain: Sinthea Shmidt, aka Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter. We may be getting an episodic story that starts with Deadpool and carries through each DLC release. It’s not the epic expansion I was hoping for, but it might be exactly what Midnight Suns needs.

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