The new Resident Evil game isn’t on PS5 or Xbox – pre-order now

The new Resident Evil game isn’t on PS5 or Xbox – pre-order now

There’s a brand new Resident Evil game launching later this year, but not on consoles or PC. Developed by Steamforged Games, Resident Evil: The Board Game is a tabletop adaptation of the 2002 Gamecube remake. Featuring a massive 27+ hour campaign, Resident Evil: The Board Game is available to pre-order now ahead of a proposed October release date. The core game costs £99.99, although fans can stump up extra cash for a variety of bundles and expansions.

Steamforged explains more: “Based on the 2002 remake of the genre-defining Capcom video game, Resident Evil: The Board Game will see players take on the role of Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) members who find themselves stranded in a mysterious mansion after setting out to investigate a series of bloody and unusual murders.

“The board game adaptation is a campaign game playable over 30 hours, where every decision counts and has far-reaching consequences.

“As campaigns progress, the mansion will evolve and the danger level will rise.”

The new Resident Evil board game tasks players with solving puzzles to unlock doors and build up the map.

Indeed, games begin with just a few tiles, as players open new pathways and discover useful items while also battling deadly enemies.

Just like the Resident Evil video games, players will need to manage their inventory and preserve ammo.

As you can see from the walkthrough video above, players can also choose to flee from encounters when things get too tough.

“As your campaign goes on, the mansion will evolve and the danger level will rise,” Steamforged continues.

“The tension and encounter decks will change, adding mysterious new cards and altering the effects of old cards to make them even more dangerous.

“But effects don’t just happen over time. Tension cards can change enemy behaviours at any moment, making them more lethal from one turn to the next.”

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