The New Super Mario T-Shirt Collection Is Cool And Affordable

The New Super Mario T-Shirt Collection Is Cool And Affordable

Back inn April, multiple outlets reported that Nintendo plans to remaster numerous Super Mario games for Nintendo Switch to celebrate the iconic hero’s 35th birthday, including Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. While we wait for an official announcement from Nintendo, there’s another way to mark the momentous occasion. Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo has a new lineup of T-shirts dubbed the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection, available online now.

Uniqlo commonly releases high quality collections of shirts based on video games and anime, and the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection also happens to be pretty cheap, too. Adult styles cost $14.90, while kid sizes go for $9.90. You have to spend $100 to get free shipping at Uniqlo; otherwise shipping costs $5. Still, even with shipping, these cool Mario shirts are up for grabs for a fairly good price. You can browse the full Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection at Uniqlo and take a peek at some of our picks below. If you’re anxiously awaiting news about new Mario games, the GameSpot team rounded up all of the Mario games we’d love to see ported to Switch.

Evolution of Mario T-shirt | $9.90-$14.90

This graphic tee shows Mario’s look across eight mainline games, commemorating his many changes in style as well as his various props and outfits. It’s available in both kid’s and adult sizes.

Mushroom Kingdom T-shirt | $14.90

A red graphic tee with gold lettering, this T-shirt focuses on 1985’s Super Mario Bros., which introduced players to the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time.

Super Mario character T-shirt | $14.90

There’s a lot going on with this shirt. It shows both modern and classic designs of characters like Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Toad. Overall, it’s probably the most visually interesting shirt in the collection, but it’s only available in adult sizes.

“It’s-a me, Mario” T-shirt | $9.90

This cute blue T-shirt will have the kids in your life running around the house saying, “It’s-a me, Mario.”

Classic character and item collage T-shirt | $9.90

Filled with classic Mario character designs, power-ups, and other memorable items, this kid’s T-shirt stands out thanks to its very busy design.

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